Workshop Presentation at Women Who Code (Seattle) Techspark

On September 09, 2017, I led a workshop on “Intro to AR/VR development using Unity” at Galvanize, Seattle. The workshop ran for 2 hours where attendees with either minimal or no knowledge about developing Augmented and Virtual Reality applications walked out with the knowledge to develop using Unity3D. The workshop was split into three parts: A quick introduction to AR/VR/MR and Unity, development of an AR application using Unity and development of a game using Unity to deploy on VR device of choice. Here is a tweet from one of the attendees, showcasing their Augmented Reality application:

My aim of leading such workshops is to demystify and make the field of AR/VR development more accessible to those who are intimidated by it. This generally includes minorities and I was glad I had a diverse audience for my workshop.

Image Courtesy: Torie Joy-Warren

The content of my workshop can be found at The repository also contains documents that will serve as a resource for common AR/VR headsets. If there are any questions about the content, please feel free to email me.

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