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When you buy Brimfield & May Lowercase 'A to Z' 2-Piece Bookend Set or any Home Office product online from us, you become part of the Houzz family and can expect exceptional customer service every step of the way. If you have questions about Brimfield & May part # 14413 or any other Bookends for sale, our customer service team is eager to help. These A to Z bookends are not a completely new concept. I got the idea off of Pinterest when I ran across this Etsy buy. I liked the kid-friendly idea of the apple and zebra, but thought that I could build my own using Safari Ltd animals. I bought 5x7 wood plaques from the craft store and painted them with a spring green acrylic paint. These industrial style Premier Houseware Bookends feature a mottled and weathered silver surface and contrasting hammered edge for a stylish and practical statement to your room. With their aged style, this set of A and Z bookends features a more muted metallic finish to complement any modern home with natural finishes such as brick, stone or wood.

You will need:

Where to buy bookends

A To Z Wooden Bookends

  1. Gold paint
  2. Craft knife
  3. Gold dots
  4. Paint brush
  5. Glue spreader
  6. Master medium glue
  7. Varnish
  8. Polystyrene/foam block (scrap)


A To Z Bookends
  1. Firstly, cover the A and Z in varnish; this will act as a primer, and reduce the amount of coats of paint you’ll need for the letters to look good – leave to dry.
  2. When the varnish dries, paint both letters white.
  3. Next, take the blue plaster and cut up into 2 blocks using the knife. Once you’re happy with their size, paint gold and leave to dry.
  4. If A & Z are dry, start adding the gold dots in whatever formation you prefer. Once they’ve been stuck on, cover in a coat of varnish.
  5. When the blocks are dry, spread some glue on the bottom of each letter and place onto the block.

All items (or similar) are available from Play Resource Shop & Scrapstore.

I've kind of dropped the ball on DIY projects lately. As I mentioned before, it's partially because our house is getting so full we don't really need any new decor, and partially because I don't have a lot of extra time to work on 'just for fun' projects. But luckily, today's DIY is both practical and super easy--totally worth doing! I finished it in under 10 minutes (not counting drying time).

This month, all of the Michaels Makers were challenged to create something with Michaels' new Alphabet Soup by Make Market™ line of products. It's a pretty cool collection, with letters in every style and finish you could dream of! Wood, metal, acrylic, patterned fabric, and more...there were tons of options to choose from, but in the end I went with some simple black letters for my A to Z bookends.


Once I'd picked out my letters, I cut some thin wood boards to size. I measured the length and height of the letters to determine where I should cut the boards. Then, I painted the boards with glossy black paint and waited for them to dry.

Satin Finish A To Z Bookends


Next, I glued the boards together at a 90 degree angle, to form an 'L' shape. Once the glue was dry and secure, I turned one of the L-shaped boards backwards and glued the 'A' onto it, then glued the 'Z' onto the other.

And that was it! Such a simple project, truly. I love the concept of 'A to Z' bookends, but you could also use other letters or shapes to make your own! That's the fun thing about crafts...you're not beholden to what a store is selling, and you can design your project and personalize it to fit your style.

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If you want more alphabet inspiration, check out the fun projects on Michaels.com and the other 49 Makers’ ideas on The Glue String!

Thanks to Michaels for partnering with on this post!

White A To Z Bookends

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