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Looking for an Airbus A340-600 download? I have been looking for some time now and tonite I downloaded, by mistake and unbeknownst to me, the listing shows it is for FS2004. I didn't pay much attention, I have FSX, and it downloaded fine! It is a multi-livery download, I think a total of 6 aircraft, I kept 4 and deleted 2. Had to tweek a few things, missing the 'max bank.......' entry in the config file, changed the flaps settings some and all is good! One thing, config file has no payload entries, but they have made up for that in fuel. First takeoff using one of my saved flight plans, The aircraft ate up a lot of runway. I flew some 110 miles and on the return leg, I had used enough fuel, the takeoff was a normal as one could expect! All in all, it was one of the best freeware downloads I have done yet! Oh, I did delete sound files and the original panel. I used the default A321 sound and a freeware panel that I had that works for both 340 and 380's (I don't care for virtual cockpits).

FS2004 Lufthansa Airbus A340-311 D-AIGB. Type Complete with Base Model Download hits 1,799 Compatibility Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. No, X-Plane 11 all the way! SAA Airbus A340-300 Complete with Base Model. The Aerodesign's A340-313 is shown in South African Airways livery. SAA colors by Peter Tredre. No, X-Plane 11 all. TO download: am currently aware of the fault in the link but i am trying to find a solution. ToLiss has yet not confirmed development for MSFS2020, so it is expected to be released for X-Plane 11. There was not much information shared within the post, but we believe to get to know more soon. The same aircraft, Airbus A340, is also currently developed by JarDesign. ToLiss has today announced the development of an Airbus A340-600, continuing their Airbus-only lineup of airliners. The aircraft will be available sometime in 2021. Threshold: Question the Answers.


Download is and it is available on this site! Again, don't let the 'FS2004 compatibility' steer you away! It worked fine with my FSX!

Enjoy! - Rick

Complete with Base Model
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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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United Airlines Airbus A340-600. Includes model, panel and virtual cockpit. Model by Thomas Ruth. Repaint by Jim Waters.


- Thomas Ruth's Airbus A340-600 in fictional United livery.
Includes model, panel, & Virtual cockpit.

Repaint: Jim Waters

The cockpit textures have been adjusted to layer in the
night lighting textures onto the daytime panel.

If you'd like to have the standard textures without lighting layering,
they are copied from the default A-321 panel textures.
To restore, copy the A321 textures into the texture file
within this A340.

Just unzip all .fx files into your FSX/effects folder.

View from the cockpit of United Airlines Airbus A340-600.

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X plane 11 a340 freeware

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Filename/DirectoryFile DateFile Size
file_id.diz11.12.10152 B
lighteffects11.11.100 B
fx_T332beacon.fx11.11.083.55 kB
fx_T332eng.fx11.17.081.21 kB
fx_T332land.fx11.11.081.22 kB
fx_T332land2.fx07.11.083.01 kB
fx_T332logo.fx11.11.081.21 kB
fx_T332wing.fx11.17.081.21 kB
install.txt04.01.0957 B
pic.jpg11.12.10100.28 kB
pic2.jpg11.12.10107.92 kB
readme.txt11.12.10470 B
Tom_A340-60011.12.100 B
aircraft.cfg11.11.1021.19 kB
model11.12.100 B
model.cfg05.15.0955 B
multiplayer11.12.100 B
TomA346.MDL05.24.097.91 MB
TomA346.mdl05.24.097.91 MB
TomA346_interior.MDL05.24.091.48 MB
TomA346NG_interior.MDL05.24.091.49 MB
panel.34011.12.100 B
$A321_2.bmp02.20.09768.05 kB
Airbus_A321.cab09.26.072.72 MB
panel.cfg11.12.106.24 kB
tom34011.12.100 B
102411.12.100 B
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp02.16.0957.80 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.095.00 kB
64011.12.100 B
Annun_AftDoor_on.bmp01.08.801.38 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.095.00 kB
ecams.xml03.20.0935.63 kB
ecams_engine_primary_background.bmp03.20.0978.95 kB
eng2off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng2off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng2on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng2on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng3off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng3off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng3on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng3on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng4off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng4off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
eng4on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
eng4on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
FCUdummy.xml02.16.09459 B
popup_ecu.xml03.23.0945.06 kB
popup_ecu_background.bmp03.24.09361.81 kB
popup_ecu_background_night.bmp03.24.09361.81 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_1_out_annunciators_off_night.bmp03.24.094.57 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_annunciators_off.bmp03.20.092.11 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_annunciators_off_night.bmp03.24.092.11 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fault _and _fire_annunciators_on.bmp03.20.091.74 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fault_annunciator_on.bmp03.20.091.33 kB
popup_ecu_button_eng_2_out_fire_annunciator_on.bmp03.20.091.18 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_ign_start.bmp03.20.093.11 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_ign_start_night.bmp03.24.095.87 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_norm.bmp03.20.093.11 kB
popup_ecu_knob_eng_mode_norm_night.bmp03.24.095.87 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_left.bmp03.20.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_left_night.bmp03.24.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_right.bmp03.20.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_lever_throttle_right_night.bmp03.24.099.43 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_off.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_off_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_on.bmp03.20.097.71 kB
popup_ecu_switch_eng_1_on_night.bmp03.24.097.71 kB
popup_overhead.xml03.25.09115.57 kB
popup_overhead_background.bmp03.24.09762.88 kB
popup_overhead_background_night.bmp03.24.09762.88 kB
popup_overhead_button_adirs_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.095.48 kB
popup_overhead_button_adirs_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0913.03 kB
popup_overhead_button_anti_ice_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.093.79 kB
popup_overhead_button_anti_ice_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.098.26 kB
popup_overhead_button_electrical_gen_1_both_off.bmp03.23.094.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_electrical_gen_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0910.37 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_off.bmp03.23.092.85 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_off_night.bmp03.24.095.27 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_both_on.bmp03.23.092.85 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0910.25 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_apu_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.84 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.092.68 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.094.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_both_on.bmp03.23.092.69 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_disch_on.bmp03.23.092.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_in_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_1_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.69 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_off.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_off_night.bmp03.24.094.93 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_both_on.bmp03.23.093.24 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_disch_on.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_in_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_off.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_off_night.bmp03.24.0911.66 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_out_annunciator_on.bmp03.23.094.92 kB
popup_overhead_button_fire_eng_2_squib_on.bmp03.23.092.73 kB
popup_overhead_button_fuel_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.094.45 kB
popup_overhead_button_fuel_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.099.80 kB
popup_overhead_button_x_bleed_eng_1_both_off.bmp03.23.095.83 kB
popup_overhead_button_x_bleed_eng_1_both_off_night.bmp03.24.0914.40 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_off.bmp03.24.096.89 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_off_night.bmp03.24.0916.91 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_on.bmp03.24.096.89 kB
popup_overhead_switch_strobe_on_night.bmp03.24.0916.91 kB
Thumbs.db03.20.09478.50 kB
sound11.12.100 B
sound.cfg10.17.0932 B
texture.United11.12.100 B
A321_1_L.dds03.24.091.00 MB
A321_2_L.dds02.21.09256.12 kB
A330_VC01L.dds03.24.091.00 MB
A340_VC01.dds11.12.101.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_L.dds02.19.094.12 kB
Airbus_A321_4_L.dds02.19.091.00 MB
glass.dds04.29.0964.12 kB
glass_spec.dds11.24.084.12 kB
main.dds11.12.102.67 MB
main_bump.dds05.14.094.00 MB
main_grid.dds11.11.102.67 MB
main_light.dds04.23.091.00 MB
main_spec.dds03.23.0964.12 kB
texture.cfg11.11.10137 B
thumbnail.jpg11.12.1024.31 kB
VCblend.dds02.09.091.12 kB
wing_bump.dds05.13.091.00 MB
wing_l.dds11.11.10682.80 kB
wing_r.dds11.11.10682.80 kB
wing_spec.dds11.21.0864.12 kB
Texture11.12.100 B
A321_1_T.dds09.04.061.33 MB
A321_1_T_Bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
A321_1_T_LM.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
A321_1_T_spec.dds09.04.061.33 MB
A321_2_T.dds09.04.061.33 MB
A321_2_T_Bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
A321_2_T_LM.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
A321_2_T_spec.dds09.04.061.33 MB
A321_Interior_T.dds09.04.06341.45 kB
A321_reflection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Airbus_A321_1_C.dds11.11.101.00 MB
Airbus_A321_1_night_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_2_C.dds11.12.101.00 MB
Airbus_A321_2_night_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_3_C.dds11.12.101.00 MB
Airbus_A321_3_night_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Airbus_A321_4_C.dds11.12.101.00 MB
Airbus_A321_4_night_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Airbus_Pilots.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
texture.cfg08.14.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg08.13.065.88 kB
TomA346.air05.02.098.26 kB
vc.jpg11.12.10304.19 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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