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  • X-Plane does provide a default Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Then there’s Carenado who offers a Cessna C172II Skyhawk and also the Cessna C172RG (Retractable Gear). With Airfoillabs we have another Cessna C172 or to be exactly, the C172S Skyhawk SP. OK, the default C172 is so so, and that’s it.
  • Xp11 default cessna 172sp liveries. Civil air patrol.

Vamos analisar em detalhes o Cessna C172 da AirfoilLabs.Site da AirfoilLabs: The brand new C172 NG by Airfoillabs Company for X-Plane will come with a number of high-quality liveries out of the box so that you can pick your favorite Airplane and explore the many wonders of simulation flying! Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below! DC-3 study level aircraft. Www.x-plane.orgGet your copy Here today at: 172 SP IMMERSIV.


March 14, 2021
Airfoillabs C172Airfoillabs C172

Popular aircraft and scenery developer in the X-Plane community, Airfoillabs has taken to their Facebook page to announce the Cessna 172 NG for X-Plane.

Being well-known for their current Cessna 172 available for the simulator, Airfoillabs is bringing a “new 3D model, FMOD sounds system, and much more” with their newest rendition of the aircraft.

The developer has also confirmed that they are “cooperating with real-life pilots and instructors who are helping us to test the physical model and performance” just as they did with the previous version.

However, no pricing information or a potential release date was mentioned.

In the meantime, you can purchase the developer's Cessna 172SP for $24,95, $10 off its usual price of $34.95 from the store.

The developer also confirmed they’d be sharing further information soon via their website.


You can view the source post for this article via the developer's Facebook page.

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