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A long time queer gamer with roots in many strategy games. Doing the variety thing, giving solid advice, and being mostly nice to people is his jive! For only $5, alebrelle will record up to 250 words of unique and energetic voice over. I will record the voice content you need quickly and accurately from a highly literate native speaker.I have a voice that ranges from highly dynamicOn Fiverr. Alebrelle Gig economist and content creationeer on Twitch, YouTube, and beyond! Queer, Generally relaxed; Specifically astounding! Twitch streamer Alebrelle joins the party and the three investigate the meaning of this mind-bending noir. They also take cheap shots at it because you know, it’s not like it’s The Matrix or anything.

Tales from the Pit returns with a COVID retrospective. Sitting down with Michael is Twitch Streamer, Creator, and Advocate Alebrelle. The two discuss what it’s been like during quarantine as an autistic and intersectional person. WARNING: there are lengthy discussions and specific examples each give about their depression and suicidal thoughts. Beware, all ye’ who enter here, thar be monsters. Everyone here is doing okay, and we hope you are too. Be well, everyone.Features:Alebrelle: Swaim: Small Beans and access Additional Content:

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