Alpha Garmin Dog Tracking System

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The Alpha® 200i dog tracking and training system features InReach® satellite technology, a sunlight-readable 3.5″ touchscreen display and a button-operated, dog-focused design (active satellite subscription required; jurisdiction restrictions may apply).

When paired to your phone via Bluetooth the Alpha 200i can share information from the device to your phone.

Track dogs on your phone. Easily type, send and receive messages through the Satellite Inreach with your phone. Save hunts and tracks on your phone to show or share with your buddies. Check the weather via Satellite Inreach system. Allow family members or others to track you through the Satellite system. And lastly the SOS Feature can be activated through your phone as well if you require Emergency assistance. If anyone has used the Inreach functions of Garmin devices you can appreciate how much easier it is to send/receive Messages using your cell phone.

Although it Is possible to type messages and use the Inreach without a phone connected, using a phone makes the task much quicker and easier to type. We highly recommend using the APP for the Inreach functions. Subscribe to get special offers, new product alerts, and email exclusive deals. If you have a sporting dog, there is no better choice than one of Best Garmin Tracking Systems. Now we are ready to introduce the New Garmin Dog Tracking System – Garmin Alpha 10, presented on the 1st of September 2021. Thus Garmin Alpha 200i, released in 2020, is still new, nut not the newest of Garmin any more.

Garmin Alpha 10 is finally available for purchase, and we compare it with other Garmin products, which are also perfect for their aim and price. Garmin Alpha 10. The NEW Garmin Alpha 10 is designed for hunters who want to see their dogs's locations with just a quick glance. Garmin Alpha 10 is the most lightweight and compact handheld ever produced by Garmin. New biggest improvements are: smartphone and tablet compatible, battery life up to one week, never before more convenient on the go, compatible with most Garmin dog devices. Read Verified Customer Reviews. Garmin Alpha 200i. The NEW Alpha 200i looks a lot different. The first impressions when you hold the unit are tactical. The flat screen makes a big difference in the sun. If you are currently running the Alpha 100 you don't have to worry about new collars: T 5 and TT 15 full and mini-sized are still compatible, as well as all Drivetrack series, Phoenix watches, Instincts etc.

It has a built-in inReach, allowing you to send messages, check the weather, and give a SOS alert. New biggest improvements are: the ability to add groups of dogs, buttons on sides, glove mode, compass page and many more. Read Verified Customer Reviews. For up to 20 dogs in one group from 9 miles. Sunlight readable monochrome display. Battery life: up to 40 hours life. Best for Tracking & Training. For up to 20 dogs in one group from 9 miles. Sunlight readable touch screen. inReach Technology. Best for Training and Basic Tracking. For up to 3 dogs. Momentary/continuous correction: Both (low, medium and high).

Vibration correction: yes, Tone correction: yes (dedicated button). Best for Tracking. For up to 20 dogs in one group from 5 miles. With Covey Counter™ you can mark way points: “Truck” and “Lodge” – to help you return at the end of hunting. Measures each dog’s speed, distance and direction. Best for Beginning Dog Training. For up to 3 dogs. Long/Short Contarcts - Yes. Rugged, compact 3-button handheld controller and dog device with water rating of IPX7. Bark Limiter Collar.

Reduces false correction thanks to detection of bark signals solely through vibrations from a dog’s throat. Measures number of barks. Alternative modes: vibration and manual. Rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts up to 3 months. You can choose the most suitable for your needs device to correct your dog’s behavior, to train obedience and for hunting, or to control barking. We have tested all of GARMIN dog devices and handhelds on our German Shorthaired Pointer and Beagle and selected key features to help you with quick choice.

If you are looking for GPS trackers for other purposes than training and hunting tracking, for example for locating your dog or monitoring his health, see ourBest GPS Trackers for Dogs Review. There are 4 main series of GARMIN dog systems designed for different purposes, plus 2 Barlimiters. The most important is to understand the difference between them and comparability of dog devices (collars) with handhelds and other GARMIN devices like watches, in-vehicle trackers etc. NEW Garmin Alpha 10Features sunlight-readable, monochrome, transflective memory-in-pixel displayCompact and easy-to-use designSmartphone compatible, in-vehicle trackingCheck Price.

Features sunlight-readable, monochrome, transflective memory-in-pixel display. Compact and easy-to-use design. Smartphone compatible, in-vehicle tracking. Garmin introduces the Alpha 10, a compact, feature-rich tracking and training device designed for hunters, outdoorsmen and their pets.

The Alpha 10 features Garmin’s proven dog-tracking technology in a new, purpose-built compact format. It’s clear, easy to use and easy to set up. When paired with the T 5 and TT™ 15 do devices, you can track and train up to 20 dogs up to 14.5 km with its built-in GPS receiver and customizable training features.

Each dog has audible and vibration correction modes, as well as 18 levels of short and continuous stimulation. The Alpha 10 lets you switch between dogs quickly and easily with one button. Hunt-ready battery life. The battery lasts for a full week (around 40 hours of use) – great for long road trips.

And with its waterproof design (waterproof to IPX72), the Alpha 10 can be fully waterproofed for hunting in all weathers. Smartphone solution. Pairing the Alpha 10 with a compatible smartphone or tablet gives you access to advanced dog tracking capabilities. Once paired, you can stow the Alpha 10 in a backpack and track your pet in real time on your phone or tablet screen. You can also track the location of others when paired with compatible Garmin devices.

Mapping and navigation. Hunters can couple the Alpha 10 with the Garmin Explore™ smart device app for access to advanced mapping. And the additional features in the Garmin Explore app are just as interesting: robust navigation features, customizable track lines and hunting data storage in a collection format.

View data on your dogs’ movements after the hunt and revisit the day’s events and your favourite parts!

Tracking other users.

Alpha 10 users can set up device pairing with compatible Garmin dog trackers to view the locations of their companions and their dogs. Access to this visual information will help Alpha 10 users make timely decisions without waiting to negotiate with dog owners. With two-way communication, the dog owner and Alpha 10 user can see each other’s location without any visual contact, offering additional benefits.

In addition, compatible devices allow for the exchange of pre-set messages for quick communication. Size: 2.3 x 4.8 x 1.1” (5.8 x 12.1 x 2.9 cm); dimensions do not include antenna.

Display: 128 x 128 pixels, sunlight-readable, monochrome, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP).

Battery: rechargeable internal lithium-ion; non-replaceable, up to 40 hours life. Water rating: IPX7. Hight-sensitivity receiver: yes (GPS and Galileo). Tracks and Trains up to 20 Dogs. Track storage: up to 10 days. See your dog’s location from the driver’s seat of your car, smartphone or even from your wrist. You can a handheld only and pair with TT15 or T5 dog devices. Compatibility across the ecosystem. The Alpha 10 can be paired with other Garmin devices, including compatible Garmin smartwatches (Instinct®, fēnix® or tactix®) using the built-in dog tracking app. In addition, the Alpha 10 is also compatible with the Garmin DriveTrack™ system for tracking dogs from the car. ATV and off-road enthusiasts can pair the Alpha 10 with the Montana® 700 product line for additional dog tracking capabilities.