Anki Alternative

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However, Quizlet is now used by learners from all fields. Unlike Anki, Quizlet focuses even more on learning in a playful way. While you can also add new motivating and colorful elements to Anki with gamification add-ons, Quizlet is clearly ahead in this respect. Just like Anki, Quizlet also lets you create your own flashcard decks or take advantage of the countless ready-made decks that you can download for free. Quizlet takes a slightly different approach to mere flashcard functionality. There are 5 different learning modes that add a bit more variety to the learning process: . Flashcards mode: This is the mode known from Anki. On the front side there is a question and when you want to see the answer, you flip the digital flashcard. Learn mode: Here you have a multiple-choice selection of the flashcards. The more questions you answer correctly, the more difficult the cards become. Spell mode: Here you have to type in the answer. This is especially good if you want to practice the correct spelling of words. Write Mode: Again, you type in the answer.