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So i want to add a field with sound on my cards imported from the voice of google translate. I've done this years ago before and i remembered it was pretty easy to just add this field automatically for all cards.

However I cant remember how i did it and cant find it when i google it. I believe it was some good plugin or so that just looked up the pronounciation in google translate from a specific field of the card and then just downloaded the file and put a reference in the sound field.

Anyone has any idea of what im talking about?

  • TableTools2 for Firefox

An example usage of the Google translate function is: =GoogleTranslate(A1,"it","en") which would translate cell A1 from Italian into English.

If you don’t know the language code for a certain language, just go to Google translate and select the two languages you want. Then look at the URL in the language codes will be in the URL. For example, translating Greek to English would give you this URL: which would tell you that the language code for Greek is “el”.

After dragging the Google Translate function down the column, export the file as CSV and import it into Anki or whatever flash card program you use.

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