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I read a lot on my Kindle Paperwhite and it really amazes me how many words can homo sapiens invent. When I look up a new word in the dictionary and see the equivalent in my mother tongue I wonder where I have learned this rare word or even when was the last time I heard it. Despite that I totally comprehend the word and the concept behind. Homo sapiens are amazing.

I want to read uninterrupted, save new words for later and add them to my Anki deck so that I can review them on my phone in my free time, or at the gym.

This is how I do it.

Anki On Kindle Reader

There’s an Anki add-on called AnKindle, which provides One-Click importing from Kindle to Anki with default or customized templates, you can even use your own MDX dicts. This is a Python script to help add words from Kindle to Anki. It can directly add words to Anki decks or creates a anki-ready tsv file. Asks for card back in the terminal (optional). Adds words from both the Vocabulary Builder and your Notes (My Clippings.txt). Last timestamp is written to /.kindle. During next import only new.

Anki Kindle Mate

Anki overdrive app on kindle fire

As you know when you look up a word in Kindle it is automatically saved in something called the “Vocabulary Builder” which is accessible from the upper right menu on the device. The words are actually saved in an SQLite database on the device along with its surrounding sentence. If you connect the device via USB the database file is located at system/vocabulary/vocab.db.

Anki on kindle
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  2. When I'm ready to import to Anki I do 1 of 2 things: 1. Use the Kindle app on my phone to copy and paste the new words to anki with the sentence I found the word in (usually I'll grab an example sentence from WordRefrence as well). I'll use the Kindle app on my computer to look up the highlighted words.

Anki Flashcards On Kindle

Then I have a Python script to read this database, ask about the words’ meanings interactively and add them to an Anki deck. Occasionally I copy the database file to my PC and run the script below in terminal.

I have put the script on AUR if you are of that tribe.