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100 Thieves welcomes one of the most successful hosts and founder of ‘Love or Host’ RajjPatel AKA AustinShow on their streamer portfolio.

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Austin has been hosting this show for almost two years. One of the many reasons why it’s among Twitch’s most popular programming is the fact that it’s a magnet for a fresh, wholly digital. Anyways he has blown up on twitch with these shows and went from a 3-5k andy to 30k on every 'show' that he does, he obv wants to use his own name now which is austin, instead of people calling him or only knowing him by a made up name rajj. The Official Hub for The Austin Show. Hosted by Austin AKA Austin Show. Your home for reality TV based content & More. Scheduled shows are live at 4PM EST.

The Austin Show Twitch

The esport organization 100 Thieves is known for being more than an esport organization. They also recruited Matthew Haag also known as Nadeshot for his brand and because of being one of the most renowned lifestyle content creators. That’s why it is no surprise that they will also be eyeing Austin to be part of their organization. With Austin’s vlogs and interpersonal content galore, he will surely be their potential signee.

Austin On Twitch

The announcement video of welcoming AustinShow on their organization was made with a YouTube video and tweet announcement saying that they are now officially welcoming Austin and admitted that it has been going on and in the works for a long time. They happily announced that being with Austin excites them for their future together and can’t wait to see what will happen and said that they can’t wait to create more content together.

On top of that, the various Rajj shows—now untitled, as Austin has not hosted a show since his name change announcement—frequently mine the edgier side of Twitch for contestants. Watch HasanAbi's clip titled 'Austin Show announces new podcast 'The Showdown'.

Austin has 400,000 Twitter followers and 1.2 million followers on Twitch. Austin has proven his ability to entertain and his personality has built up a large audience and all thanks to his comfortable attitude to others.