Baby Yoda Bookends

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Books are one of the best things in the world. And if you asked a good number of people, they would probably say that Star Wars is another of the best things in the world. And regardless of all of the controversies that have surrounded the series through the decades, one thing has never changed: we all love Yoda.
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    A post shared bySmartie.Store ( on . Which is surely something whoever invented this bookend was aware of.

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    A post shared byRolly The Black Pug (@yodarolly) on . And for an extra coolness factor, the bookend holds your books at a slant, so they look like they’re mid-fall when Yoda steps in to save the day.

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    Kind of like being part of a (not-so-secret) club! A post shared byJon (@jonschneider808) on .

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    spell or UPS) to grab them. Are you planning to pick these up?

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