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  • ✪ 徐北鼻 Baby Hsu✪ 台北, 台灣 Taipei, Taiwan✪ 中文, 英文/ Mandarin, English✪ 1988/05/04 金牛座/ Taurus


    ✪ P.O. BOX:P.O. BOX 589 BANQIAO WENHUA RD.NEW TAIPEI CITY 22099TAIWAN(R.O.C)✪ 郵政信箱:板橋文化路 589號✪ My Amazon Wish List

  • HYUK mugs, T-shirts and stickers and more!!Christmas bundle

  • $2 shown on screen$5 media share$10 WE'LL TELL U THE WORD$50 is just LOUD$100 MEOW*All tips are final & no refunds!Ur support allows me to be a full time streamer, thank you!贊助非必須,但我會非常感激!♥ 歐付寶♥ PAYPAL

  • ♥ Join the Baby Famiry ♥I do the leg thing when I get new subs ;)✪ Sub movie nights✪ Sub-only Discord✪ Sub Badge and BabyHsu emotes✪ Subs can post links in chat✪ No ads

    ♥ 加入徐北鼻的吃貨村 ♥新訂閱就為你朝天蹬 ;)✪可以貼連結✪ 專屬訂閱徽章和北鼻貼圖✪ 未來將會不定時辦小禮物抽獎✪ 沒有廣告

  • 台主的工作是甚麼?/What do you do for a living?A: 全職Twitch IRL實況主也做活動主持/配音相關的活動!(工作邀約歡迎來信:[email protected])Full-time IRL streamer on Twitch, growing content creator!

    什麼時候開始實況的?/When did you start streaming?2014.11.30開始在前公司做兼職實況/Started streaming/gaming in 2014.11.30

    為什麼英文那麼流利? Why is your English so fluent?我小時候讀過3年國際學校,高中在加拿大留學2年。 I went to International school for 3yrs when I was 7, and studied abroad in Ontario,Canada for 2yrs.

    Baby玩甚麼遊戲?/What games do you play?實況以IRL為主Currently only streams IRL以前玩過:爐石戰紀 Hearthstone餓死鬼 Dont't Starve星露谷 Stardew Valley

  • Join Discord to hang out!Sub movie nights, pics, petting zoo and shenanigans.

  • ✪ [Linktree](✪ Discord✪ Facebook✪ Twitter✪ Instagram✪ YouTube

  • !commands <<<指令列表!convert <<<換算台幣!國家-->美金!followage <<<追隨時間!uptime <<< 目前開了多久!aboutme!time <<<目前時間!weather <<<天氣!setup <<<實況配備!subcount <<<訂閱人數!subgoal!donate!sub!social

  • IRL stream gear:PHONE: Samsung Note 9IRL/GUNRUN BACKPACK

    PC SETUP:MB: Z97S SLI Krait

    CPU: Intel Xeon R. E3-1231 V3

    GPU: MSI GTX 970

    RAM: Kingston 16G

    Case: 保銳 ENERMAX Ostrog Pink 粉魅騎士

    Webcam: Logitech C920 1080p

    Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Chroma

    Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma

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Hi, I'm Baby Hsu, Taiwanese IRL streamer in Taipei. I speak Mandarin/English, loves food and is a sarcastic feisty biss UwU Join me if you like to have a good laugh and a good meal! Purch that merch! Merch is a great way to directly support babyhsu888! Babyhsu888 Hoodies (No-Zip/Pullover) $45.00.