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You'll want to use RealTracks in all of your projects... and you can! Adding REAL instruments played by TOP MUSICIANS to your compositions brings an exciting human element ... and that's just the beginning!

What is Band-in-a-Box? Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program. Band-in-a-Box 2018 + RealBand Update 5 + RealTracks Set 254-300 is an impressive and award-winning program that will make making music a piece of cake. All you need to do is enter the chords of any song using standard chord notation, then select the style you want and leave the rest to Band-in-a-box.

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From A through F

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NOTE: All the formerly free MIDI files are being replaced by Band-in-a-Box files. If you have Band-in-a-Box, you can convert them to a MIDI files with the click of a mouse button.


Note:Each of the following files titled 'Bob's Blues #_'
uses a different variation of the 12 bar blues progression
(from blues, to rock, to jazz chords) and a different style of playing.
Simple blues progressions will be posted first, and more complex
blues progressions with substitution chords will follow.

Bob's Blues #1
Bob's Blues #2
Bob's Blues #3
Bob's Blues #4
Bob's Blues #5
Bob's Blues #6
Bob's Blues #7
--- --- ---


Call Me (With pro, substitution chords)

Band In A Box Real Band

Cheek to Cheek (With chord substitutions by Jim Wedd)

How To Use Real Tracks In Band In A Box

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)


A Day in the Life of a Fool (Mahna de Carnaval)

Diddie Wa Diddie (blues)

Do Nothin' 'Till You Hear From Me (With pro, substitution chords)


Easy to Love (with substitution chords)

Band In A Box Sale


The Fool On The Hill (with pro, substitution chords)

To be continued

Band In A Box Download

New Band-in-a-Box sequences usually will be added once a week and at least once a month

The Fine Print: This site contains Band-in-a-Box sequences to the chord progressions of many popular songs. Read the associated Memo file in Band-in-a-Box (click the Memo button to the right of the song title) for example song titles for the Band-in-a-Box sequence of the same name. Each Band-in-a-Box sequence contains a chord progression only. There are no copyrighted melodies or lyrics in any of these sequences. The song titles are used only to identify a particular type of chord progression. Each sequence makes no attempt to copy any particular recording or arrangement of the song from which the chord progression was 'borrowed'. The song titles used to identify a particular chord progressions are not the only songs that use that chord progression. Conservation of storage space on my server limits me to noting only one or two titles per chord progression.

'Do you want to make sequences like these -- without touching the black and white keys of a synthesizer?' You can. Click Me to find out how.

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