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The Pair Of Bookends Are Made From Handcrafted Metal And Stone By Gary Rosenthal. One Bookend Has A Bat Mitzvah Girl Holding The Torah. You Can Select To Have An Engraved Brass Plaque With The Bat Mitzvah Girl's Name And Date Affixed Below The Image. The Other Bookend Has The Bat Mitzvah Girl's Actual Haftorah Portion Printed. Free 2-day shipping. Buy Cool Vampire Bat Medieval Bookends at

Bat Bookends Vs

Important: Because every piece of our artwork is handmade, no two are ever the same, making them all the more special and unique. Please keep this in mind when viewing our catalog. The color of glass for many of our pieces may vary unless specified. If color is important to you or you want to verify that the color in the picture is what you will be receiving please ask. As long as it is a color we have in stock, we are more than willing to accommodate specific requests. Please click here for a note about sizes.

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Bat Bookends Ideas

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