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After you pick up this quest, you can start earning catch-up Renown right away, through various methods. None of these methods are verified to be 100% reliable at giving catch-up Renown, although the World Boss seems to be the most consistent: Completing some Covenant Callings. Not all of them offer bonus catch-up Renown, but most do. Synonyms & Antonyms of catch up 1 to catch or hold as if in a net a young idealist who got caught up in the political fanaticism of the times Synonyms for catch up.

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Comment by Magpie

Perfect summary on the soft cap. Was wondering what I was doing wrong.
A shame the campaign chapters are also capped to renown i.e have to be renown 17 to progress. Since I chose to replay the story rather than threads turns out to be a bit of a pain. Starting at 0 rather than 5.

Comment by Realchucky

There must be another cap or i dont get it.
Last Week my Main was at Renown max because i did all i have to do with him
My Monk Twink got catch-up until renown 19 last week and i did all campaign quest i could do, did the two weekly renown quests and fot some renown from Worldquests and dungeon boss until i hit renown 19. Than i am stuck and didnt got any renown from any source.
So why iam stuck at 19 if i need one more renown for the next campaign quest with the monk and my main have renown 21?
I had to wait until this week now and hopeful i can catch-up like it should be.
This week i start gather with my main to get renown 24 and than i will start with my twink monk and dont do the weekly, hopeful i get renown out of dungeons and world quests catching-up.
I thought catch-up means that i can get the same renown level like my highest character have but this isnt true!

Comment by connor29914

This is a great guide for those who, like me, were stuck and pulling their hair out over what activities granted catch up renown or didn’t. However, there appears to be a bug with catch up renown that I’ve heard several people complain about. Last week, I swapped mains, and got hard stuck at renown 19 (weekly cap was 21). I had done both weekly quests, and completed all available campaign chapters. The next chapter came available at renown 20, so I ran 7 or 8 dungeons and did 4 or 5 callings over a couple of days to try to get the renown token to drop. I assumed RNJesus just hated me, but then I found out other people were observing the same problem. Once reset happened, I turned in a calling and got my one missing renown token. I’m not sure what causes the bug and it likely won’t matter after this week, but know if you think you’ve done everything and you still aren’t caught up, you might not be crazy!

Comment by Qooki

It's important to do all your additional renown quests first (callings, dungeons, campaign, etc.).
After all that is done you can do the two weekly quests (anima and souls) to get the maximum renown.
People get stuck on a lower renown because they completed the two weekly quests before finishing ALL the additional renown quests.
If you don't do this, you'll always be 2 renown levels behind.
I can confirm that I had the same issue on one of my alts where I did this in the wrong order, while my other alt was fine because I did it correctly.

Comment by seitori

For those with alts who took the 'Threads of Fate' path, it also appears that the zone meta-quests (i.e., those ending in Return to Oribos) are also part of the capped Renown count. These will all have to be completed to reach the cap.

Comment by Coldaria

You will earn your next Renown point shortly after completing your first Soulbind and thus your first Covenant chapter, just before getting the quest The Highlord Calls which sends you to Oribos to speak to Highlord Fordring about Torghast.

I was not aware that Tirion was leading the charge. ;) This should be Fordragon, not Fordring.

Comment by Sithalos

The catchup system is actually awful.
I switched covenants and did around 6 keys, 2 layer 8 torghast runs, a full heroic raid clear, and I conquest capped in 3s, and I got a grand total of 1 renown token. And yes, I checked my campaign.
Needless to say I switched back to my old covenant instantly after that.

Comment by DaveXilant

World boss gave me 1 Renown. And got one another from LFR (6 bosses > 1 Renown).
I have been doing callings and nothing (like 5 at this moment). Same with Bolvar's quests. Three dungeons (1 mythic 2 heroic) and no renown. Dozens of arenas and nothing too. Same with the Oribos dungeon quests.
This is really random or im just a little cursed.

Comment by LukusGamer

The dungeons you run need to be in your covenant zone. eg: Night Fae would have to run De Other Side or Mists of Tirna Scithe to be offered renown on completion. I've run several toons now and this seems to be the case every time.

Comment by Syphex

Catchup system for alts fastest way
To be clear so others do not get stuck on the same issue as me.
Your renown is not set in any list or any que, specifically when it comes to the catchup system. (rumors saying there are slots saved for ur campain quests etc which is false as getting more than the weekly cap offers does nothing)
You should wait to do the weekly quests, same goes for turning in the part from aiding all the covenants that rewards you a weapon (Threads of fate)
If you do these before you have gained any catchup renown from dungeons and world quests & your daily callings you will be soft locked.
I tried this with a friend where i turned in my weekly quests, thread of fate quests and im stuck at renown 18.
While my friend who turned in the quests where he aided the other covenants is currently sitting at 22.
We have done the same amount of dungeons, world quests and raids, i have one hour of gametime more than him. but yet im 4 levels behind him in renown and have not been able to get any in the past 23 hours after getting mine from lfr.
He completed his covenant campain meanwhile im stuck at chapter 7. so im both behind in gear and progress now.
Update ---
Won 7 battleground today, 5 which were epic battlegrounds,1 brawl and 1 random, it gave me 5 renown out of all those wins. this was a 7 winstreak

Comment by Syphex

I had a issue with renown the past few days, were super behind my friend. However today i started at 18 renown, and now im at 24.
Every Epic Battleground gives you 1 renown per win. aslong as you arent 2 below the weekly cap.
I watched this closely after i realized it gave me one renown before today. and so far 3 ones later it have given me a renown every single one.
Not sure if this is intentional. but it's super good if you got a good group to win bg's

Comment by archey01

the oribos weekly quests have never given me renown in the last couple weeks i've done them while behind. This may be outdated ptr info.

Comment by Ampleforth

I don't understand this system. I dinged 60 a few days ago, did all three of my callings and progressed through my covenant campaign, got to 9 renown in almost a single day. I've been doing the daily callings, world quests, world bosses, mission table stuff that rewards campaign progression and even dungeons and I have yet to receive another renown token this week. There must be a weekly cap of some kind to curb the catch-up mechanics.
Blizzard really does a horrible job of explaining this [email protected]#$. If I'm capped just tell me I'm capped so i don't waste time trying to grind out renown levels to get better WQ rewards.

Comment by Ravithor

I have done renown catch up on 3 toon now I have NEVER gotten a single renown from Bolvar quests. I do not think this information is accurate to the live version of the game.

Comment by Gwalchgwynn

Ok, so I cannot confirm this, but a guildie just said if you turn in both of your weekly renown quests ( Replenish the Reservoir and Return Lost Souls ) then it disables the catch-up for the week. I am playing an alt this week, and I received renown for the world boss and then did the two weekly quests, before continuing through the campaign chapters, when I suddenly got stuck at 14 renown and need to get to 17 to continue. I couldn't figure out why I was not seeing anything that rewarded renown, but it does make sense if that is why. So I will need to wait until next week and see.

Comment by Ziboo

The catch up mechanic(s) seem to not work as intended. EDIT: Today's Calling did give Renown, so I guess it's just RNG? IDK. Still wish there was a clear explanation, on this sketchy catch-up mechanic.
One level 60 this week stuck at 28 as there is NOTHING giving renown. Is that because she turned in the covenant weeklies so nothing will?
I was wondering if it was because she's stuck on the rescues in Torghast - but finding Thrall is only available on certain wings of Torghast and SURPRISE! not available this week, hopefully on the Tuesday reset. EDIT #2. Apparently the quest info is wrong and you can find the clue about Thrall on a non-listed Ward - had Fractured Chambers doing for a memory and received the update clue for Bolvar, go figure.....
Rather frustrating as she's stuck in limbo until next week, when you're trying to keep all alts current - is she always going to lag behind?
Fresh 60 as of yesterday, I won't be turning in weeklies on him until he's progressed through the covenant story as far as it will go - betting there's some block somewhere, kind of on the annoying side.
Really Blizz - this is alt friendly?
None of your player base wants a guessing game on this. Please verify there are roadblocks at least we'll know instead of trying multiple ways to get more renown when it's not possible.

Comment by ShadowTurtle24

I'm not entirely sure this comment is correct. On my main toon I received a renown point even though I was only 1 point away from the hard cap at the time (week 8, hard cap of 24) and had not completed the soul quest. This happened to be the particular renown point that upgraded the soul quest so I was then able to abandon and re-pickup the soul quest to upgrade it from 10 souls to 15 souls a week earlier than I should have been able to.
Catch-up Renown can't be used to replace:
The 2 points from the two current weekly quests ( Replenish the Reservoir and Return Lost Souls)

Comment by messiah77

For me my experience is that it's easy to gain renown at lower levels but as soon as you hit renown 30+ the sources mentioned in the article just don't wield renown. I'm renown 32 currently and can get renown from my 2 weekly quests and the world boss, now as far as I can make out I should still be able to get 3 more renown to get to the current cap of 38 (at time of writing) but the last 2 days I've had nothing from doing random heroic dungeons or the callings. Now getting to 30 on the other hand seemed to be a breeze and I gained renown by not even trying to gain renown. This all could be RNG but the system shouldn't be as bad to leave it to 'luck' whether or not you gain a renown level, it's almost as it they're doing their utmost to keep you playing to keep your sub payment going lol
EDIT: So I have gotten up to renown 34 by doing my last 2 weekly quests before reset but once again nothing from the calling today and nothing from doing a random dungeon. However, my priest is only renown 19 and queued for a specific dungeon and got renown off the final boss but got nothing off the calling. I'm thinking that up until renown 30 dungeons do yield renown off the final boss but after that you can only earn from the three sources already mentioned, 2 weeklies and the weekly boss. I know it's a small sample pool that I've given but tally this up with what others have said in comments there does seem to be a clearer picture of the renown catch up system.

Comment by Isa6575

Wonder if the system is bugged right now. Changed covenant a few days ago, and managed to recap up to Renown 25 ((including completing the Campaign) yesterday. Today I ran 4 dungeons and my Calling quest, but no further renown.

Comment by Isa6575

Wonder if the system is not working today. Changed covenant two days ago and managed to recap to Renown 25 yesterday with doing dungeons (including doing the campaign). Today I have run another 4 dungeons and my Calling, but no further Renown.

Comment by bpmike83

Another completely failed system on Blizzard's part. This just gets worse and worse. Legion was okay because there were so many great benefits for grinding this crap. Class mounts, mage tower, individual storylines, etc. This is just garbage at this point already in SL. Game is done.


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(kĕch′əp, kăch′-) also catch·up(kăch′əp, kĕch′-) or cat·supUps(kăt′səp, kăch′əp, kĕch′-)n.
A condiment consisting of a thick, smooth-textured, spicy sauce usually made from tomatoes.
[Malay kicap, sauce made from fermented fish, from Chinese (Hokkien) kê-chiap : , pickled fish (from Middle Chinese xjɦja⋮j also the source of Mandarin xié) + chiap, juice, sauce, brine (from Middle Chinese xjɦja⋮j; also the source of Mandarin zhī).]
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(ˈkɛtʃəp) ,




nCatch Ups
(Cookery) any of various piquant sauces containing vinegar: tomato ketchup.
[C18: from Chinese (Amoy) kōetsiap brine of pickled fish, from kōe seafood + tsiap sauce]
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014


(ˈkɛtʃ əp, ˈkætʃ-)

also catchup, catsup,

a condiment consisting usu. of puréed tomatoes, onions, vinegar, sugar, and spices.
Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.
Noun1.ketchup - thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes
catsup, cetchup, tomato ketchup
condiment - a preparation (a sauce or relish or spice) to enhance flavor or enjoyment; 'mustard and ketchup are condiments'
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Catch Ups
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Catch Ups

[ˈkɛtʃəp]n (alsotomato ketchup) → ketchupm inv

Feriha Catch Ups

Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition © HarperCollins Publishers 1995


(ˈketʃəp) noun
a flavouring sauce made from tomatoes or mushrooms etc. tamatiesous صَلْصَة من البنْدورَه кетчуп ketchup kečup das Ketchup ketchup σάλτσα ντομάτας, κέτσαπsalsa de tomate, ketchup ketšup کچاب؛ سس گوجه ketsuppi ketchupקטשופ टमाटर की चटनी pikantni umak od rajčica, gljiva i dr. ketchup saus tomat tómatsósa ketchup ケチャップ 케첩 kečupas kečups sos tomato ketchupketchupketchup, sos pomidorowy د رومى بانجانو رب molho de tomate ketchup кетчуп kečup kečap kečap ketchup, soja ซอสมะเขือเทศ ketçap 番茄醬 кетчуп ٹماٹر ، مشروم وغیرہ سے بنی چٹنی nước sốt cà chua 番茄酱
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كَاتْشَبٌ kečup ketchupKetchupκέτσαπCatchketchup ketsuppiketchup kečapketchup ケチャップ 케첩ketchupketchupketchupketchupкетчуп ketchup ซอสมะเขือเทศketçap nước sốt cà chua蕃茄酱
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