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Bethesda and id Software have unveiled the Doom Eternal DOOMicorn skin, which is set to be exclusively accessible as an in-game Twitch Prime reward. Read Full Story Twitch PS4 Amazon Prime PC Game Slayer Stadia Nintendo Switch Amazon Household Select Hellish Things Subscription Advantages Demonic Hellspawn Link The Game. Will I have all of the DOOM Eternal cosmetics I've redeemed on Slayers Club, the Re-releases of DOOM (1993) & DOOM II and Twitch Prime Loot? So long as you login to the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM Eternal with the same account, you will have all the cosmetics to your linked account. FIFA 21: Prime Gaming Pack #4. Electronic Arts Inc. Offer ends May 31. Get the Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station and up to GTA$1,000,000 this month in GTA Online. Rockstar Games Inc. Offer ends Aug 22. Destiny 2: Spicy Ramen Exotic Bundle. Offer ends May 12.

DOOM Eternal is the latest entry in the iconic first-person shooter franchise and has a variety of items that players can use to enhance their experience. Some of these items can be acquired exclusively by Twitch Prime members. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Twitch Prime loot for this game covered for you.

Eternal was all the cool parts of the McFarlane aesthetic in the '90s. Shit was a comic book through and through and I loved that. The Doom Hunter is the best enemy in the game. That level is incredible because you're pretty much participating in its own creation like it's a Build-a-Bear workshop. Only it's for a demon!

Twitch Prime Doom Eternal

Players will have to have an active Twitch Prime membership to get all of the exclusive items for the title, which currently includes the DOOMicorn Slayer skin that will have you strike fear into the demonic forces of Hell with its lovable style. Once you have an active membership, you will need to head to the connections page on the streaming platform. Make sure that your Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network accounts are connected to your Twitch Prime account.

All that you need to do next is head to the game's official page for the subscription service and claim the DOOMicorn Slayer skin. New pieces of loot will become available for members to claim and add to their collection in April and May. However, the details of these items have not yet been officially revealed.

Do you want to learn more about DOOM Eternal besides how to get all of that awesome Twitch Prime loot? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the high-profile game or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below:

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Check out this DOOM Eternal guide for skins and other character customization! Including how to get gun skins, emote animation, podium, name plate, titles & more!

Table of Contents

Skins & Customization List

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About Character Customization

Doom Eternal Twitch Prime Drops

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Cosmetic Skin for Doom Slayer, Guns and Demons

Players will be able to use unlocked cosmetic skins for Doom Slayer, his Guns, and Playable Demons in both the single player campaign and multiplayer modes.

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Customize Emote Animation, Podium & Name Plate

Aside from skins, you will also be able to customize other cosmetic feature such as your Animation, Podium, Nameplate and Title. This is unlocked similarly like the skins, & are visible in Multiplayer session.

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Doom Eternal Twitch Prime

How to Get Skins & Cosmetics

Get Skins In Single Player Campaign & Battle Pass

The cosmetic skins can be acquired as unlockable content in Single Player Campaign as well as your progression in the game's 'Battle Pass.' Note that all cosmetic content will come free with no additional charge.

Learn More on Battle Pass & Rewards Here

Skin & Cosmetic Tiers

TierSample Image
Deluxe Edition
Click to Enlarge
Special Edition
Click to Enlarge
Master's Collection
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Doom eternal twitch prime loot

Skins and cosmetics are separated into different tiers. Depending on the tier, you will get high-end cosmetics that is sure to catch the eye of anyone you're playing with!

Bonus Skins Unlockable Via Slayer's Club & Twitch Prime

You may also acquire new skins in external events and campaigns. Currently, the DOOM official fan club, Slayers Club, and Twitch Prime are currently giving out free skins via their official page.

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All Slayer Skin List

All Slayer Skins

NameHow To UnlockImage
AstroAcquire All Runes
CrimsonClear Mission 8
MidnightClear the Story Campaign
PhobosClear the game with 11 Extra Lives in Extra Life Mode
Classic Doom MarineUnlock in the Fortress Of Doom
Demonic SlayerBundled with the Deluxe Edition
PraetorUnlock in the Fortress Of Doom
SentinelUnlock in the Fortress Of Doom
EmberReach Level 10 of Series 1
Zombie SlayerJoin the Slayers Club
DoomicornLink your Twitch Prime account to your account
Purple PonyDoomicorn variant
Night-mareDoomicorn variant

All Enemy Skins List

All Enemy Skins

NameHow To UnlockImage
Red Rage (Mancubus)Reach Level 4 of Series 1
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Inferno Lord (Marauder)Reach Level 7 of Series 1
Click to Enlarge
DOOT! (Revenant)Awarded for pre-ordering DOOM Eternal
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All Weapon Skins List

All Weapon Skin

Rune-ScarredDeluxe Edition
Click to Enlarge
CautionDeluxe Edition
Click to Enlarge

All Icons & Title List

All Profile Icons

SearingDeluxe Edition
Red RageDeluxe Edition
Rune-ScarredDeluxe Edition
CautionDeluxe Edition
Graven ImageSpecial Edition

All Profile Titles List

He's On FireDeluxe Edition
Soul TakerSpecial Edition

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