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Container and cargo tracking through smart devices are a new standard across global supply chains. They help with accurate tracking and provide location updates regarding in-transit goods. A number of distinct technologies work together to provide updates on environmental conditions and locational changes of High-Value Goods and products. They also help with accurate predictions-based planning for shipment arrivals and directly assist in saving operational costs. A multimodal supply chain visibility allows transporters and other stakeholders to stay updated on moving goods’ status. Cost savings planning can be possible at the client’s level. They can work towards optimizing their supply chain efforts, assess performance, as well as identify potential bottlenecks. Supply chain visibility through client dashboard help with strategic decision making.

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GPS tracking aims to achieve the following targets:

  • Optimal inventory management
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Best working capital management
  • Develop optimal supply chain and operations strategies
  • Identify blind spots

Falcon Trackers VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) are a compact solution for vehicle tracking needs. The tracking can be done using web and mobile application platforms with intuitive interface and detailed readymade MIS reports. There are different payment options for Falcon Trackers.

  • Regular plan – includes basic tracking, history playback as well as MIS reports
  • Pilot plan – recommended for advanced tracking, history playback, email / text alerts as well as MIS reports
  • Neo-track – A combination of Falcon’s powerful tracking tools, history playback, email / text alerts as well as MIS reports
  • Premium – Best in class tracking solution that includes history playback, email / test alerts and MIS reports, analytics as well as rating.
Falcon Gps Tracker

Salient features include (Falcon Trackers)

  • Fuel Management – Trackers are hooked onto the OBDII port of vehicles from where they can keep a track of fuel consumption patterns. And even manipulate vehicle fuel via CANbus or external fuel sensors
  • Temperature Monitoring – They monitor changes in temperature throughout the transport operation. This feature stands out during the moving of refrigerated cargo
  • In-vehicle RFID / iButton tagging – Driver management system that allows drivers to use their tag to identify themselves as soon as they board the vehicle
  • Driving Behaviour Pattern / Green Driving – The accelerometers onboard the Falcon Tracker can detect any instances of harsh braking, sudden acceleration, no usage of seatbelt for safe driving, over-speeding, usage outside of working hours, etc.
  • Geofencing capabilities enable the device to send out alert notifications to administrators
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts in case of low air pressure in tires
  • Round the clock customer support through email, Skype, and WhatsApp
  • Free software updates and online support
  • Up to 5 years extended warranty on the tracker

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Benefits of using Falcon Trackers

Temperature monitoring – The deployment of IoT makes cold chain sensors intelligent. Modern cold cargo is equipped with Falcon Tracker sensors that record and monitor the temperature throughout the chain. They keep an eye on the temperature as per range requirements and keep the items within acceptable temperature limits. In the event of a breach in temperatures, the IoT sensors enable monitoring tracking devices to send notification alerts to all the stakeholders. The driver is the closest person in the chain of command, can heed the notification on his smartphone or tablet and initiate action. Sensors also track location related movement of goods and stay connected to the overall network that runs the supply chain ecosystem.

A commonly adopted temperature range for a cold chain in food and pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8 °C (36 to 46 °F). Once the temperature moves out of this specified range, the IoT temperature monitoring devices kick into immediate action. Monitoring for items exposed to the risk of contamination and deterioration due to microbes is highly-automated. The IoT devices log the temperature movements almost every minute. The logged figures are stored for a long period in case tracing is required in the future.

The Falcon GPS trackers monitor the temperature using automated alerts from the system. They can even provide the fleet managers with door opening and closure information. Information also includes movement details, excess vibration info, reefer status, etc. The trackers have the capabilities to track proper fuel utilization.

Geofence alerts – The GPS geofencing feature can be used with your existing fleet management software. Your fleet managers can set custom alerts based on the location of the target vehicle. This not only saves on fuel; it also avoids any unnecessary costs for the vehicle involved. The GPS-based vehicle tracking system will update the fleet managers in real-time about their delivery cars’ whereabouts. The system provides for a dashboard where the managers can manage, analyze and assess the situation. They can immediately call the lessee driver and ask to correct their course and avoid any penalties. The dashboard is a platform that can track multiple vehicles plying on different routes. This round-the-clock real-time monitoring helps all stakeholders update and receive notifications in case of an unannounced change in the vehicle. The system also helps curb wasteful idling of the vehicles and any digression from the set routes

Transparent vehicle status and visibility – Falcon Trackers make vehicle tracking fully visible. All the stakeholders, including the fleet managers, clients, suppliers, administrators, etc can get real-time updates of their cargo. Their tracking solution enables you to get location, status, and history of use.

Optimal asset utilization – When you control the proper utilization of your company assets, you know you can ensure their proper utilization. You, as a business owner, can know which equipment has a low return on investment. This way, you can sell them or replace them with pay per use leased out assets.

Improved driver communication – With GPS tracker onboard the vehicle, the fleet managers do not need to continuously call drivers seeking updates. Moreover, as the system automates route selection, you can advise drivers to avoid unnecessary stops and idle time and determine the fastest route.

Monitoring fleet speed – As the GPS fleet tracking Devices keep track of vehicle speeds, they can send out alert notifications to all stakeholders. This way, the fleet managers as well as dispatchers can be more prepared to handle changing situations. The over-speeding reports thus generated by the IoT devices can be used to discipline the drivers. And maybe assign speeding fines to the offending drivers to ensure discipline.

Accelerometers – These devices on to the GPS trackers can detect sudden braking or rollovers. These events are critical to maintaining the optimum quality of the cargo. These accelerometers provide harsh event monitoring on a real-time basis. When the drivers do not reduce their speed to the desired level while cornering, the shipment can be affected. Sudden acceleration, or braking, or even stiff cornering alerts can be customized on the IoT device.

Marshall Falcon Tracker

Usage of Internet of Things (IoT) in fleet management

A fleet involves trucks, vans, and other vehicles that typically move goods from one place to another. It can be looked upon as ‘things’ interacting with ‘things’ than mere human interactions. As so many things are interacting with each other, there arises the need to record and trace these interactions to ensure regularity. Monitoring helps to identify any abnormal circumstances. This is where IoT forms a critical element of fleet management. IoT devices use sensors, recorders, transmitters, etc, to carry out their monitoring and real-time reporting. These are fitted on to forklift trucks and transport vehicles.

Falcon Gps Tracker Dubai

Real-time feedback can flow to drivers through alerts to their smartphone or tablet. Real-time notifications can be customized and sent via email, Text, or App push notifications. This helps in quickly notifying the key personnel about incidents.