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As a legal requirement of open government, the Thurston County Assessor’s Office provides access to public records. Property data is maintained and continually updated by the Assessor. Many people research property values and sales data to identify market trends. Data in the Assessor records is used to create the property tax rolls each year.


Please let us know if you discover inconsistencies in the information listed for your property. Use the comment form attached to the 'feedback' button on the property information screen on the website. Be sure to provide us with a daytime phone number so we can confirm that we have corrected the information as requested.

Find My Parcel

To find information on a parcel just:

  1. Click on A+ Parcel Search to review property data.
  2. If you know the parcel number: Input the 11-digit number for the property in the box next to Parcel Number. Press enter key or submit search.
  3. If you know the owner/taxpayer: Input the First and/or Last name of the Owner/Taxpayer. Press enter key or submit search.
  4. If you know the complete address: Input the street number and street name. Press enter key or submit search.
    Note: Use only the street name; do not include street type or direction.
    (Example: Martin not Martin Way SE)
  5. If you know only the street name: Type in the name of the street without directional or street type.
    Note: Use only the street name; do not include street type or direction.
    (Example: Martin not Martin Way SE.)
    Before you press enter or submit search, go to sort order and choose how you want the data displayed:
    • Owner Name
    • Address
    • Parcel Number
    Double click on the property number in the far right column to view ownership and parcel information.
  6. To view further details, click on buttons located at the top of the page.
  7. To obtain data on another parcel, click on New Search.

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