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Tips To Write Good Fiverr Description: Here are some tips for writing the best Fiverr profile description, further explained by samples. Use Simple English Words: Write your profile description in simple and basic English because most buyers on Fiverr are non-native English speakers. They find it hard to understand complicated words. Music Transcription. Turn your songs into sheet music. Any instrument, any genre - we’ve got your back. How Fiverr Works. 1,267 services available. I will do transcription of bass or drums, tab, midi, gp. 5.0 (53) Starting at $20.

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In Fiverr platform, you have performed best to get jobs. In that case, you have to make the gig perfect. The reason is, the gig is the first thing that your clients engaged with. Other than your gig, buyers give their attention to your Fiverr profile description.

So you have to be sure your Fiverr profile description is ready to gain the attention of clients. If not, try this tutorial. It may help you.

How to write it?

Fiverr profile description aka about yourself is mainly focus on yourself. Not your gigs, what you offer or what you have done.

So you have to narrow down to essential points like who you are, your experience and your main skills. For example, If you are a well experienced graphic designer with many certificates. No need to mention all these, only mention the most suitable qualification for point out yourself.

Profile description limited to 1000 characters. So you have to make a template first.

Header section

In the header section of description, mention your name, how old are you and where are you from and what your current profession is. If you are a student, employee etc..


If you want to add some additional details for clients, don’t forget to write here.

Body section

In here, you have to mention your skills and experience as I mentioned above. Do not write long sentences. Just 2 or 3 sentences are enough.


Fiverr profile description template

Gig Title Examples

I hope you have a clear idea now. As a summary, I will show you a template written by me.

“Hi. I”m Bryce, 23 old university student from Norway. I started my graphic designing career since 2015. I’ve many experiences with clients around the world, mainly the USA. Lets talk”


Fiverr Medical Transcription

In here you can see some examples I’ve collected from top-rated sellers. PLEASE DO NOT copy these.

If you have a doubt, let’s talk on the comment section.