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Featured as the best flight simulator for mobile devices, Flight Simulator Night New York 2015 is the perfect flight simulation experience for those who loves aviation. February 17, 2014 – FlightGear v3.0 is Released! The FlightGear development team is happy to announce the v3.0 release of FlightGear, the free, open-source flight simulator. This new version contains many exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Just in from a leaked source is a shock from Microsoft: the box artwork of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014. While we can't find much information on this new simulator as of yet, we have been given early leaked box artwork.

The above image shows the box artwork of what is appearing to be Microsoft Flight Simulator 2014. The box artwork shows a Boeing 747 landing at an airport with the original Microsoft Flight Simulator logo and '2014' placed above the logo. The artwork is also encased in an 'Xbox Games for Windows' frame - perhaps indicating that this release will be available on Xbox as well as Windows 8.

The 747 in the image appears to have been painted in a PMDG house color scheme - from what I can see - I could be wrong. If PMDG aircraft were included in the simulator release, perhaps they will announce something themselves shortly - if they are under a Non-Disclosure agreement with Microsoft; perhaps not.

The artwork also reveals it's going to be released under 'Windows 8', however, we can't confirm or deny that it will also run under Windows 7 and lower.

We have no other information as of yet regarding this release and no official announcement from Microsoft themselves.

What can we expect?

Hopefully, we can expect some great things from this simulator release. With the date of '2014' on the box artwork, we can hopefully expect it to be released this year. Usually, they release the series a year earlier than the year in the product title - however it doesn't seem to be the case with this version. We can also expect this version to be a fully digital downloadable product with no CDs or DVDs being issued or manufactured. Hopefully, all of your FSX addons will also work with this version.

...wait, what's the date today? Let's hear your comments below!

True News - Microsoft Flight Simulator (released in 2020)

Update November 2020

While I'm sure you all enjoyed our April Fools joke of 2014 above, jokes aside, Microsoft has officially announced a new flight sim. It's not a joke anymore!

Microsoft took back the 'Flight Simulator' franchise from franchisee Dovetail Games and decided there was indeed a market for producing a PC based flight simulator with longevity. Thank you, Microsoft!

The new sim looks fantastic - in fact, stunning. You can watch the official trailer video below;

The new sim really is next-generation and supports all of the latest graphics and core hardware. The graphics and scenery are truly amazing. The entire world is generated on photorealistic satellite data (thanks to Bing).

We, at Fly Away Simulation, have of course covered this release in full detail with our ultimate guide here. Since we published that piece, we have also published a fully detailed review of the new flight simulator here.

Flight Simulator Online Free Download

We created an unofficial trailer/showcase type video demonstrating the new features and graphics in this brand-new sim. We'd love you to watch our video;

If you use and frequent Fly Away Simulation, chances are you do mainly for the freeware add-ons available. We have recently added brand-new categories to our add-ons library to cover the brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) release. You can view all of the freeware FS2020 add-ons here. FS2020 is not an official shortening - we prefer to use MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) as this new release is essentially 'evergreen' with updates being released for many years using the same title/name.

Let us know your thoughts!

Did we catch you out on April Fools!? Have you purchased your copy of the brand new 'evergreen' sim that was released? Let us know in the comments section below.

Flight Simulator 2014 Online

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