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If you've only ever played flight simulators in their basic, combat form, then FlightGear might at first seem a little tame. After all, there are no dogfights here, no precision bombing raids, no infantry support missions. Why bother?

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Flightgear Flight Simulator 3.4.0

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Give it a try, though, and you'll find this amazing open-source project has plenty of challenges. Like learning how to take off, for instance, by mastering fully operational 3D cockpits of a wide range of aircraft, from the 1903 Wright Flyer, to various light aircraft, a Boeing 747, Airbus A320 and more.


Once in the air you'll encounter realistic weather, and an accurate sky model where the sun, moon and stars are all positioned correctly according to your location. Not sure where you're going? There's plenty of choice - the full scenery set (which requires more than our starter download) covers more than 20,000 real world airports.

If you've chosen a long distance trip then the flight could take a while, but there's plenty to enjoy along the way. The scenery also includes major lakes, rivers, roads, railways, cities and more. This is even lit up realistically at night, with cities glowing brightly and headlights visible on roads, helping you follow landmarks to reach your destination.

And then, of course, you'll have to land. This can be almost as tricky as it is in real life, as you must locate the correct runway, follow the approach lighting and take account of changing runway elevation (you didn't think they were all flat - did you?) It's far from easy, but once you begin to master the program, it's very rewarding: you'll feel like you've really learned to fly.


An attractive simulator with quality graphics, realistic scenery and accurate flight dynamics. It's far from the usual arcade game, though, and you should expect to spend some time learning the basics before you'll get the most from FlightGear.

FlightGear is a free, Open Source flight simulator in development since 1996 and features many additional planes, helicopters, and scenery updates you can download.
FlightGear is a free, Open Source flight simulator in development since 1996 and features many additional planes, helicopters, and scenery updates you can download.
FlightGear has the advantage of being around for a long time and is probably the best, most developed free flight simulator you're going to find out there. It's better than many shareware sims. You can fly numerous planes, helicopters and download hundreds of additional models for free.
Being Open Source, you will find that many commercial games are based on older versions of FlightGear, including Earth Flight Sim, Flight Pro Sim, Flight Simulator Plus, Pro Flight Simulator, Real Flight Simulator, and Virtual Pilot 3D. So, if you're considering a shareware commercial flight simulator, we recommend you try this one first.
The project's goal has always been a sophisticated and Open Source flight simulator for research or academic environments, pilot training, and, of course, a fun, realistic, and challenging desktop flight simulator for anyone to enjoy.
Due to the large size, links take you to Sourceforge for the download.
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Flightgear 3.4

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