Garmin Alpha Tt15 Mini

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Free Shipping Over $50. Phone: (833) 364-7447 Toggle menu. SMALLER PHYSICAL SIZE - Designed for smaller breeds measuring as small as 9.5' in neck circumference LIGHTER WEIGHT - TT 15 mini is lighter in weight (7.5 oz.) compared to the standard TT 15 dog device (10.0 oz.).

Maine Bill Prohibits Pursuing Game with Dogs

State Senator Dave Miramant introduced legislation that would prohibit coyote hunting with dogs and would remove an exemption for hunting dogs running game. Legislative Draft 1265 (Senate Bill 416) has been referred to the Joint Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife where it has a hearing on Wednesday, May 5, at 10 a.m. in the Cross Building Room 206.
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Garmin Alpha Tt15 Mini

Minnesota Bill Prohibits Lead Ammo

Minnesota State Rep. Kelly Morrison has introduced legislation prohibiting the use or possession of lead ammunition while hunting. Anyone who violates House Bill 2556 will face a fine of $500 for the first offense and subsequent offenses will receive a $1,000 to $5,000 fine. House Bill 2556 was referred to the House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy where it awaits a hearing.
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SportDOG: Gear the way youd design it

My dentist, Doc Biehn, was a waterfowler and I always got to check it out when I got my teeth cleaned as a kid. I remember one visit when he handed me a new, Marlin Super Goose he extracted from his closet. I’d never seen anything like the 10 gauge, bolt action shotgun that took a 3.5 inch shell and came with a two-shell clip and full-choked 34-inch barrel. That beast weighed a whopping 10.5 pounds, making it a virtual shoulder-cannon for waterfowlers. I could barely lift the heavy artillery let alone work the bolt without significant muzzle rock. My amazement turned to confusion, and in the end I couldn't see how that firearm would replace my side-by-side or pump in the blind. The Super Goose must have been designed by someone who didn't hunt geese.
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