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We include some sets for most popular X-Plane 11 Airliners to last GHD release: Boeing 777 CARGO – Flight Factor Boeing 777-300ER – Flight Factor Boeing 777-200LR – Flight Factor Boeing 777-200ER – Flight Factor Boeing 727-100 – FlyJSim Boeing 727-200 – FlyJSim Boeing 757-200 – Flight Factor Boeing 757-300 – Flight Factor. X-Plane 11.21, Windows 10, Nvidia GTX1070, 32 GB RAM, Oculus Rift, native XP VR Post's attachments IMG20115.jpg 6.25 mb, 246 downloads since 2018-06-22.

Ground Handling actual version.

Whats New:
+ reworked to be compatible with X-Plane 11.50
+ compatible with X-Plane 11.41


Ghd X Plane 11 Pro

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Ghd X Plane 110

Ghd X Plane 11

- Please follow Manual.pdf inside ZIP
- Please not mix with old version

- Please follow Manual inside ZIP

X Plane 11 Ghd Liveries

- put your old custom .set file to ../X-Plane/Resources/plugins/GndHandling/Sets/Custom
- load aircraft what should work with this .set
- Open Control Widget using Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Show Control Widget
- As you see may be all cars have wrong heading
- Click DRIVE ALL and wait until all cars will take place and be solid
- Open X-Plane settings and assign some Keyboard Key to jd/ghd/CommandSetPoint
- Select Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Tools->Draw Countur
- put mouse pointer to aircraft nose and use selected Keyboard Key to set first point
- put mouse to next point along aircraft countur and use selected Keyboard Key to set next point
- follow right side of aircraft to draw countur and set last point on the tail aircraft center
- Select Menu->Plugins->GroundHandling->Tools->Save Countur to save it to .set
- Reload aircraft and check result
- Redraw countur if need

X Plane 11 A350 Ghd

If you want post own liveries for GHD, you may use

Ghd X Plane 11 Review

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