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GoodSync is a backup and file synchronization program. It is used for synchronizing files between two directories, either on one computer, or between a computer and another storage device (e.g. another computer, a removable disc, a flash drive or a smartphone) or between a computer and a remote computer or server.
WebSite GoodSync for Western Digital MyCloud NAS

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The GoodSync Client ( gsync ) can run on WD My Could, Siber Systems© doesn`t say this in overview. (firmware v04.04.03-113)

Using sync software like GoodSync is dangerous - a misconfiguration could delete your data. To download data safely we highly recommend you setup and use a 'Consumer' (download only) account. Firstly, download the latest copy of Goodsync (there. GoodSync is a very famous, simple but user-friendly and reliable automatic file/folder backup/sync utility. It can quickly and automatically analyze, compare and then sync or backup your files/folders among a variety of local or online storage spaces on multiple devices or platforms. 7z a -r Backup -xr!gsdata -p Replace with the full path of the folder you would like to compress (this should be the path to the source set in your GoodSync job). Replace with the desired password you would like to use for encryption. The script should look something like this. All GoodSync files (gsdata folder, logs, state files) are written to gsdata Mirror folder created in C: Documents And Settings UserName Application Data GoodSync Mirrors. This option can be used only for folders that you have no write access to, or for folders that GoodSync never modifies.

GoodSync Client supports Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Windows Local, Windows Net Share, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Windows Mobile devices, Windows Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office365, SkyDrive, OneFile, OneDrive Pro (Sharepoint) and Google Docs.
before the installation you need to create an account on GS connect (free)
Installation manual GS RFM!!!

Jobs.tix default folder /root/.goodsync
The Job list can be exported from a Windows or Mac Client . I setup all syncs by GSTP File Servers (gstp:// IP:33333 ) within my LAN.

To run synchronization on schedule use crontab .
crontab -e
Example from my crontab flie
0 */5 * * * /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync sync /all

From PuTTY full path /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync --help

login as: root
[email protected]’s password:
Linux TheCloud 3.2.26 #1 SMP Thu Jul 9 11:14:15 PDT 2015 wd-2.4-rel armv7l

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
Last login: Sun Aug 7 16:41:33 2016 from
TheCloud:~# /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync sync /all
Profile folder: /root/.goodsync
Loaded 8 jobs from /root/.goodsync/jobs.tix.

Goodsync Gsdata Files

Job WD_Desktop: ‘gstp://’ <-> ‘gstp://’
170519 Use No Proxy
170519 – Analysis Started by gsync
170520 Changes: 0, Conflicts: 0, CopyTime: 0, CopyState: 0/0, Errors: 0, All: 14 1
170520 – Analysis Complete. Time 00:00:01, Speed: 27 files/s

Goodsync _gsdata

Job WD_Documents: ‘gstp://’ <-> ‘gst p://’
170521 – Analysis Started by gsync
170535 Changes: 0, Conflicts: 0, CopyTime: 0, CopyState: 0/0, Errors: 0, All: 4941
170535 – Analysis Complete. Time 00:00:15, Speed: 178 files/s

GoodSync Server installation
If You dont want to join GS Global Server , tick the box when setup your GSTP server
GoodSync Server settings on WD MyCloud
port 11000 from Web Browser


I could not download/upload from OneDrive , because it asks for additional authentication.

OneDrive: ‘msdrive://’ <-> ‘gstp:// Drive’
sh: xdg-open: command not found
165320 Cannot connect to msdrive:// GsConnectAnyFS: Cannot Connect Local FS: OAuth2 interactive: failed to accept callback: accept is waiting too long

Goodsync No Gsdata Folder

You cat download files from GDrive GS files (Old and Free)