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What are GPRS Vehicle Tracking Devices?

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GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. GPRS is the world’s most commonly used wireless data service, and is available with nearly every GSM (Global System for Mobil communications) or cellular network. A GPRS vehicle tracking device utilizes these networks to communicate information via the internet which is then made accessible via whatever platform your system uses.

What is the difference between GPRS vehicle tracking and GPS vehicle tracking?

A GPRS vehicle tracking system is capable of working with a GPS system or on it’s own. When working in conjunction with at GPS system, the location information is captured through GPS and that information is relayed to the internet through the GPRS system. However, a GPRS vehicle tracking system is also capable of real time GPRS vehicle tracking by determining location information relevant to nearby GSM cell stations. While GPS location information is capable of a higher degree of pinpoint accuracy, the GPRS component makes the system much more flexible and robust. GPRS also allows for a much higher degree of sophistication in the data that is communicated between devices.

Why would I choose a GPRS vehicle tracking system?

If you would like the functionality of a two-way system of communication between dispatchers and drivers and the ability to track location information and vital vehicle statistics in real time then a system with GPRS functionality is clearly the direction you need to go.

Gps tracker for cars spy

Will GPRS functionality substantially increase the expense of the system?

On the contrary, most customers are surprised to find that not only does the system pay for itself but truly allows the business to operate at higher efficiency and create a much more lucrative bottom line. The specifics of up-front costs vary from system to system and the best way to figure out which system will be the most cost effective solution for your business is by calling a Live View GPS professional today: 1-888.544.04


Global Positioning system, is a navigation technology reliant on a satellite system based in space.

GPS technology can pinpoint any position or address on Earth. Though it requires multiple satellites to operate, it can be used practically anywhere around the world, making it extremely accessible and advantageous to businesses with many different geographic locations.


General Packet Radio Service, is the most commonly used wireless data service.

Older versions relied on 2G cellular networks, but now most use 3G technology.

GPRS enables cellular devices to perform functions such as multimedia messaging and Internet surfing. It generally operates on an 'as used' payment model in fleet tracking.

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Check out these waterproof car trackers if you want an exterior-mount GPS tracker for your vehicle.

You may also consider buying aSMS car GPS tracker, so you can insert an SMS SIM card, and get updates via text.

Check out these live GPS tracking devices if you want to listen to live audio from inside a vehicle.

You can choose from established and innovative GPS tracker models, like a8 mini car GPS tracker, -07 car GPS tracker, T3 car GPS tracker, TK103B car GPS tracker to help you track your car or trucks real time globally with no monthly fee.

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Pros & cons:

As far as managing fleet operations, GPRS and GPS tracking systems offer varied benefits.

GPRS tracking systems are often more cost-efficient than GPS systems.

A GPRS vehicle tracking system only uses the data network when data is being transmitted. Therefore, charges apply strictly for actual usage.

Gprs Tracker For Car Price In India

Additionally, the basis of GPRS in older 2G technology makes it uniquely flexible. Older GPRS vehicle tracking systems can support both the first 'wave' of mobile Internet services and also newer, more advanced features.

This makes them highly adaptable when bandwidth capabilities are increased.

GPS fleet tracking systems offer unique advantages in their own right.

Though often pricier than GPRS systems, GPS systems can improve productivity, overall cost-savings, and environmental output.

GPS technology can chart more efficient routes, reducing fuel costs and time spent operating the vehicles. With its monitoring capability, fleets can be supervised from a central location, deterring drivers from making any unscheduled detours.

Keeping drivers on task can reduce labour costs and enhance company accountability. More efficient routes will also go a long way to making a vehicle fleet environmentally friendly.

● Both GPS and GPRS fleet tracking systems offer unique features for business owners.

Gps Tracker For Car India

If budgetary concerns are a factor, GPRS may be the way to go. But to improve productivity and efficiency across the board, GPS tracking offers some compelling benefits.

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Gps Tracker For Cars Ebay

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