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The Samsung SmartThings Tracker is a fantastic tracker that does it all in one small package. This offers 4G LTE and GPS for live tracking inside an IP68 case that's good for all weather and wet. While a parent can live track a child, for example, using the app with map, this is also good for pets, the elderly and more. Whether you’re looking for a kids’ GPS tracking watch or a GPS tracking device you can conceal in a pocket, get to know the basics before making a purchase. The best GPS tracker is comfortable and fun for kids to use, durable enough to last all day, and accurate in its readings. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Through the beginning of 2017, AT&T and T-Mobile covered the United States with 2G service. Our GPS tracking devices were programmed to roam on both networks, which gave us excellent service with minor gaps in coverage. This year, AT&T shut down their 2G network, with T-Mobile remaining the sole provider of 2G service. In addition, T-Mobile announced that they’re planning to shut their 2G network around 2020.

The AT&T closure caused the coverage area to be greatly reduced and major gaps in coverage started occurring. Customers mainly noticed this when they are outside of major metropolitan areas. To ensure that we could provide the best experience possible to our customers, we launched a line of 3G products.

Our new 3G tracking devices offer significantly greater reliability by simultaneously transmitting via AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers. The 3G devices deliver higher speeds of transmission between the device and servers, and better coverage with fewer possible gaps in coverage. 3G devices will be operational for the foreseeable future.


Since we started operating ten years ago, we’ve become the trusted provider for thousands of satisfied clients.

Our policies of no contract and no hidden fees have gained us a loyal following of both local and worldwide customers. Furthermore, we didn't raise any of our tracking fees in the last 5 years! To the contrary, we added our saver plan to make our system even more affordable. We provide unsurpassed U.S.- based customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. The product lineup contains a diverse array of devices for our clients’ varied needs.

Our unique feature of roaming between various carriers gives our tracking devices an immeasurable advantage over most other tracking devices. Our top rated dynamic platform is especially designed to be user friendly and filled with many unique and useful features.

Buying TrackmateGPS is buying with confidence. TrackmateGPS is the only GPS tracking company in the US with '5 STAR' rating. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and find out first hand why we are TOP RATED for the LAST 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!

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LiveView GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver. We provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and systems, which thousands of businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust.

Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption. Web management interfaces are easy to use, high-resolution image mapping is standard, and built-in features include live & real-time position updates, instant alert notifications, historical playback, customizable reporting and more.

For those who need tracking systems which can provide detailed reports, accurate position updates, effective results and more, our GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution.

Live And Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

Each LiveView GPS tracking device is designed and tested to work right out of the box, from one of our powerful back-end web-based GPS platforms. All of our GPS tracking devices are government and network certified; laboratory tested - no additional software is required.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related - our GPS devices are a cost-effective solution. With our GPS vehicle tracking devices, you’ll receive exceptional value and unparalleled service.

GPS Tracking For Business Vehicles & Assets


Live Vehicle Tracking System For Business Use. Live Vehicle Fleet Tracking: Live Trac® GPS Tracking Platform.

Live GPS Vehicle Tracking with 5 or 10-second position updates! See current vehicle data: speed, the direction of travel, ignition status, watch your vehicles move on your screen turn by turn... 90-day comprehensive historical playback, start/stop reporting, idle times, speed, zone alerts, idle alerts, maintenance alerts and more.

Live Trac® Vehicle Tracking Systems:

Live Trac EZ- Installs In Seconds!
G5 Vehicle Tracking- Best Seller!

Portable Live GPS Trackers: PT-10 Series

Use Your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android to track your Live Trac GPS trackers! Also available, is a dedicated iOS/Android app available for use with our Live Trac platform.

Real-Time GPS System For Business/Personal Use. The Flash Trac Tracking Platform.


The Flash Trac platform provides comprehensive real-time GPS tracking for businesses seeking powerful telematics monitoring at very affordable price with no contracts. Sixty second tracking is standard, monitors and alerts to harsh driving events, landmark alerts, and more. Optional real-time posted speed alerts available with Speed Gauge Safety Center Integration. Driver ID with key FOB integration is also available on select Flash Trac devices.
Flash Trac OBD- plug and play, GPS tracker, passenger cars and light duty trucks manufactured after 1996.
Flash Trac HW- hardwired, 4G LTE GPS tracker, can be used on all vehicles.
Flash Trac Asset Tracker- Hardwired/Battery, GPS Equipment/Trailer/Yellow Iron tracker.

Increase Business Productivity & Efficiency

For business users small or large our enterprise level tracking interface is feature rich and extremely easy to use. You'll receive comprehensive reports to more effectively manage your organization. Information that you will use to reduce and eliminate 'hidden' expenses. Expenses and costs that will have a dollar for dollar impact to your bottom line. From asset tracking to GPS fleet tracking, we will provide you with definitive answers to efficiently and effectively manage your business.

Acquire, Measure & Evaluate Employee Driving Behavior And Vehicle Operation Data, To Increase Productivity And Boost Profitability.
LiveViewGPS sets itself apart from other GPS tracking companies by offering a selection of uniquely different back-end software systems. We’ve learned that one size does not fit all. Give us the opportunity to guide you to a LiveViewGPS tracking solution that fits your specific need whether its based on software or device features. We promise to provide you with value-driven solutions that you can trust.

GPS Equipment & Asset Tracking

Affordable asset tracking for your powered and non-powered equipment. We can help you track the locations of your expensive job-site equipment for both management and billing purposes.
Track engine run-time, and quickly schedule maintenance from the convenience of any web-enabled computer. Our selection of GPS asset trackers include both GSM and all satellite-based solutions.

Cellular Based Asset Trackers

GSM/Cellular Battery Powered Asset Tracker: Battery Asset Tracker
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Powered Equipment: Asset Tracking Powered Equipment
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Trailers: Asset Tracking For Trailers

Satellite Based Asset Trackers

Iridium Satellite Based Asset Tracking: Locate On Demand Anywhere In The World Solar Powered Asset Tracker
Globalstar Satellite Based Asset Tracking: SmartOne C GPS Asset Tracker
Globalstar Satellite Based Asset Tracking: SmartOne Solar GPS Asset Tracker

Gps Tracker Home Assistant

Theft Protection - GPS Tracker With Alarm

Gps Home Tracker Reviews

Protect Your assets. Portable GPS tracker with built-in alarm. Covertly monitor property, and valuable goods and cargo. Get tamper, temperature and vibration alerts, locate on demand for real-time location information - MobileLock

GPS Tracking For Personal Use

Monitor Your Teen Driver, Protect Your Family Members Who Drive, Recover Your Stolen Vehicle.

GPS Tracking Devices For Personal Vehicles:

Explore The Flash Trac OBDII Plug & Play Vehicle Tracker, or,
Flash Trac Hardwired Vehicle Tracker, (real-time tracking)

Covert GPS Tracking Devices

Live Trac PT-10- Battery Powered Live Covert GPS Tracker.
PT-8100- 4G LTE Personal Tracker w/Panic Button.

Tracker Home App

Protect assets, equipment, tools, trailers, boats, motor homes, ATVs, ATM machines, and more. GPS Locator Alarm and phone notification.

Parents Of Teen Drivers

Gps Tracker Home Depot

Watch Our Teen Driving & GPS Tracking Video