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It is important for a surveyor to have on hand all the working tools in the field. Mobile application developers were able to solve many useful problems with their products. One of the useful options is land surveying, which can be done with high accuracy with a smartphone or tablet. User will need good land surveying apps for this. We will tell further about the best land surveying apps that can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

GPS Fields Area Measure

Do you care about ease of use without compromising accuracy and functionality? Let’s start the list of best land surveyor apps for Android and iOS from this point. GPS Fields Area Measure is very useful for everyday use. We’re talking about one of the best applications of its kind, which offers calculates everything in a very convenient working format.

Different marking modes are available here, including fast marking of distance, terrain, and intelligent marking with high accuracy in the process of placing points. Here are convenient tools for working with collected information, including setting names, grouping, saving, editing and transferring. The ability to connect GPS improves operation accuracy.

The app is highly appreciated and used by travelers to calculate distances, as well as farmers and builders in their daily work.

Land Calculator: Survey Area, Perimeter, Distance

Another useful tool for builders, engineers, and farmers. This is an application that is characterized by maximum ease of use and is suitable even for inexperienced gadget owners. A set of tools for research and measurement of the territory is very large. The user can make any land calculations easily. Measurements are available in three main ways:

  1. manual input of coordinates;
  2. tracing any shape on the map;
  3. making perimeter through the user’s movement.

Also, a high precision GPS compass is the best for work. If to summarize, the main functions of typical land surveying apps are presented in the simplest working format in Land Calculator.

GPS area measure

This is another user-friendly surveying calculator app that is created to let the user make measurements of a certain territory. It is important to note that the application does not require special knowledge and skills to use, and the task can be performed by anyone without training. It will help in this friendly interface. To work with the territory, just press the button and take a walk around the territory. The GPS sensor counts the movement of the user and performs a quick calculation.

It is worth adding that the application follows the common standards for transmitting latitude and longitude information to metric distances between waypoints. The application is very popular in Google Play.

Geo Measure Area Calculator

We’re talking about probably the most beautiful, aesthetic and visually interesting option from the list of land surveying apps. This GPS survey app for iPhone has similar functions but presents data in a practical and clear visual form without excesses. The application will let the person to calculate the area of ​​the plot of real estate or any other task of this type quickly and easily.

There are two ways to fix data: manual and automatic. In the first case, the user can enter the necessary working coordinates with the text. In the second case, GPS works for you to collect the data. Here is presented a high-precision instrument of GPS, which captures data with the minimum error.

Among other advantages of the application, it is worth noting the convenient management of markers on the map, the ability to save the results, several maps viewing modes and the function of quick data transfer.

Land Surveyor

Land Surveyor is a very simple and minimalistic calculator for working with the ​​land in a location. There are no bright visual tools, but totally clear computational functions are available for everyday work. The workspace is very convenient.

Gps Phone Apps Free

To start the calculations, a person must specify the desired area as a bunch of the sides of the rectangles and triangles. When the task is completed, the user must add information to the working mode. All data will be presented informatively and visually. The converter will provide the option to interpret the working area in different units.

This is a kind of land surveying apps that is very appreciated by specialists who require maximum information in their daily work. It is like using a calculator instead of a computer. Nothing superfluous when the user is going to solve the only one problem. This is a nice tool for GPS land survey apps for Android category.

GPS Test

GPS Test is the high-functional and powerful GPS land surveying app. It is developed for professionals but everyone can use it.

The application allows a user to work with the UTM coordinates. The powerful system provides accuracy of measurements in real-time to several meters of an error. All work data is displayed visually in a simple and practical working interface.

Among other advantages of GPS Test should be noted the abundance of channels for fast transmission of captured data. Information can be sent to all popular social networks, by e-mail, SMS and so on. Altimeter, speedometer, and compass on the working screen are available. The additional useful thing is a thought-over visual execution, up to a readable font.

Gps Phone App


Theodolite is one of the most productive applications for surveyors. It is considered one of the oldest augmented reality applications and provides the user with an abundance of specialized functions, including the viewfinder and area calculation. The application is very convenient in all respects, but it will be useful more professionals. For an ordinary user, this tool will be excessively overloaded with data, which requires a certain amount of time to study the functionality. In addition, there is a powerful set of tools for processing, storing and transferring data. This is a paid application that is worth the cost. This is a land survey app for iPhone only.

Gps Phone App

Simple GPS Survey

Let’s see another simple, functional and efficient way to measure territory with the help of GPS technology. A convenient data management system is available here that allows a user to store, sending and receiving data, and perform other tasks in a daily work context. A flexible data editing tool allows us to customize calculations and adjust tasks if necessary.

Gps Phone Tracker Apps Free

Users appreciated the simplicity of the interface and management in its true worth, which is noted in numerous positive reviews of the application on Google Play. The mechanism of use is very simple. It is enough to start Simple GPS Survey and push the start button. The application will capture the user’s GPS starting point, then write down the route. All unnecessary information can be quickly removed from the system, as in any useful GPS land survey apps for Android.

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements

Gps Apps For Android Phones

What about another app, which is handy in all respects? If the person is still looking for, then you can safely stop at the Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements for Android users.

This application can quickly and easily calculate all the necessary territories, effectively handling data: save, categorize and send it quickly. The GPS works in real-time, reading the position data continuously and accurately. Many points of measurement are available for working with data. The calculation can be carried out manually through the map, or through the collection of current GPS data automatically. The application has received great recognition in the agricultural sector, as well as in the tasks of travel planning.

Surveying In the Field

Surveying In the Field is another sample application of its kind. It is made in the style of minimalism and allows a user to fully focus on the calculations. GPS transmitter allows o collect information in real-time, but the user can quickly and easily work with manual data entry. Surveying In the Field is completely free and it is a land survey app for Android only.

If you are a pro or a novice who has not yet chosen a tool for every day or one-time work, you can safely choose this item on the list.