Gps Telematics

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Gps Telematics

Leading technologies to help you build an efficient, effective and accountable mobile workforce.

Industry Leading Fuel Card Integration

Gps Telematics
  • Telematics is a method of monitoring cars, trucks, equipment and other assets by using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD) to plot the asset’s movements on a computerized map. Also known as fleet tracking or GPS vehicle tracking, telematics is now an essential management tool for many commercial and government fleets.
  • Some telematics providers only report on GPS location data. The functionality may be great to keep tabs on where your drivers are ‘currently,’ but what about the future and possible growth of your business? More advanced providers can monitor much more than GPS pings such as engine diagnostics and driver behaviors.
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Automatically monitor your fleet for fuel theft and eliminate wasted fuel costs with BlueArrow Telematics best-in-class fuel card integration.

Telematics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies (road transport, road safety, etc.), electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), and computer science (multimedia, Internet, etc.). Telematics can involve any of the following: Lexus Gen V navigation system.

Real-time Management Solutions for Safer and More Productive Fleet Growth

Gps Telematics

BlueArrow Telematics is a privately-owned company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide customers with industry leading Mobile Workforce Technologies along with expert advice and superior customer support. We strive to lead our competitors in technology offerings, industry knowledge and customer support. For over 30 years, our company has forged ahead of competitors by helping business managers develop and implement a mobile workforce strategy. Today, we provide several leading Fleet Management solutions from industry leading service providers.

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Watch this video on YouTube

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Gps Telematics

This system was quite helpful at shutting down the client who was disputing the hours our crews were onsite as her tenant was grossly overstating how much access we’d had to the property. Once the report was handed to her and she realized its GPS information was all there, she backed off almost immediately and we were able to come to an agreement on payment.

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BlueArrow Telematics helped us migrate from our outdated vehicle tracking system to a much better, cutting edge solution. We went from using 45,000 gallons of fuel per month to only 32,000 gallons. It is fairly easy to measure the fuel savings, but we have also saved thousands on maintenance and labor costs.

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We value the professional relationship cultivated over the years with BlueArrow Telematics. Our experience has been a seamless partnership and the caliber of service has been superb. CRC has painstakingly researched GPS providers and we are convinced BlueArrow Telematics is the best partner. Period.

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WexThe best advantage of having GPS tracking from BlueArrow is the elimination of harmful incidents. Each driver is aware that if the set speed limit is exceeded or if the vehicle is used off hours outside the set parameters, a notification will immediately be sent to me via Email at the time the incident occurs.

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We installed the GPS system from BlueArrow Telematics for our vehicles approximately 2 years ago and it has been one of the better investments we have made. We have experienced both “hard” and “soft” dollar savings in several ways. It’s also been a great tool for reporting and tracking when needed.

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With a fleet spread out over the east coast it’s nice just knowing where your trucks are. Also if a vehicle is stolen or misplaced you’re just a few clicks away from finding where it is. Real time GPS is the way to go hands down when operating a business with multiple vehicles. BlueArrow is the company that will take you by the hand and get you where you want to be.

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