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Buy postage now with Click & Drop or the Royal Mail app. International letter and parcel services Your guide to sending mail overseas Find the right international service to send your parcel or letter overseas. International postage services to over 230 countries and territories Start, grow or streamline exporting with us Import to the UK with Royal Mail, or use us as a hub for cross-border delivery to Europe and the rest of the world Speak to us about international shipping.

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Royal Mail is the UK's designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities across the country. We are the only company that has the capability to deliver a 'one-price-goes-anywhere', six-days-a-week service on a range of letters and parcels to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

General Logistics Systems (GLS), Royal Mail's European parcels business, operates one of the largest ground-based, deferred parcel delivery networks in Europe.

In October 2013, Royal Mail successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange and was subsequently admitted into the FTSE 100. More than 700,000 members of the public bought shares in Royal Mail. These investors were joined by the overwhelming majority of our people in the UK, who in total received free a ten per cent stake in our company.

You can track Royal Mail parcels at or use our unique integrated parcel tracking service. Our service allows you to do Royal Mail Great Britain tracking for domestic and international deliveries.

Royal Mail Tracking Number

Tracking number is a long line of numbers and letters, which you’ll find on your postage receipt or in the sender’s delivery message.

Below are sample tracking number formats for Royal Mail

  • JV620553954GB
  • 050111C31F4
  • 32048619500001B3A6F40
  • 0210DAD9015248A2
  • 0B0480284000010307090

Royal Mail International Standard Tracking

Find out where your letter or parcel sent with Royal Mail by using our Track and Trace service. Enter your tracking number and check parcel delivery status of any parcel!


Simply enter tracking code in the search field on top of this page to track worldwide delivery of Royal Mail letters and parcels in addition to UK domestic tracking.

If you bought on eBay then Royal Mail International Standard Tracking may be what you are looking for. Our robots will track your Royal Mail International Signed For parcel by asking every necessary courier and delivery service in the world to find your parcel and show you its location and status.

What tracking information will I see for International services?

  • International Tracked & Signed - tracking within the UK and after leaving the UK, online delivery confirmation and signature on delivery
  • International Tracked - tracking within the UK and after leaving the UK plus online delivery confirmation
  • International Signed - tracking within the UK and signature on delivery

Royal Mail Standard Airmail Tracking

UK post tracking airmail tracking works for international parcels coming to or out of United Kingdom.

First you need to locate your tracking number in shipment confirmation email or on your postage receipt. It may be called a barcode or a reference.

Enter your tracking number on top of this page and press Track Package button to locate your parcel.

Our unique universal parcel tracker will trace your parcel in originating and destination countries, including GLS, Parcelforce so you'll get full tracking status of your Royal Mail parcel.

Royal Mail Tracking Outside UK

For certain European destinations, Royal Mail uses a Royal Mail Group Limited company called GLS. With our tracker you can track International Tracked & Signed with GLS items sent to the following countries:

Austria (for International Tracked and International Tracked & Signed), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

For other destinations, once your item has left the UK, Royal Mail hands it over to the relevant country's postal authority.

By tracking your parcel with our website you are able to track it with destination country postal service, to get complete picture of delivery.

Royal Mail Tracked 24 and 48®

Royal Mail Tracked 24™ and Royal Mail Tracked 48™ are parcel services with delivery speeds 24 and 48 hours. Provides full online tracking to enable you and the recipient to keep track of the parcel's progress, SMS/email notifications for your recipients are available and there is compensation cover up to £100 for extra peace of mind.

In case you need a signature on delivery choose Royal Mail Tracked 48 with Signature. Tracked Royal Mail Tracked 48 aims to deliver your parcel in 2 to 3 working days.

What SMS/email messages are sent to the parcel recipient?

The first message is sent when the parcel is scanned at the Delivery Office to inform the recipient that Royal Mail will attempt to deliver the parcel that day.

A second is sent when delivery is attempted to notify the recipient if we have been able to deliver. If we were unable to deliver the message will advise that we have left a ‘Something for You‘ card to arrange collection or redelivery.

Royal Mail 1st Class Parcels Tracking

Fast, reliable parcel delivery across the UK. 1st Class Parcels aims to deliver parcels weighing up to 20kg the next working day, including Saturdays. It’s a fast, cost-effective UK-wide delivery service for customers that send less than 1,000 parcels per year.

Online delivery confirmation is available on Royal Mail 1st Class parcels. This isn't a tracked service. Information will only be available online at the point we try to - or successfully - deliver your item.

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Tracking

Guaranteed next day parcel delivery. When it's simply got to be there, Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed® offers timed delivery by 9am or 1pm next day with inclusive tracking and signature on delivery. Saturday delivery is available for an additional charge.

  • Guaranteed delivery by 9am or 1pm next working day
  • Online tracking and signature on delivery included
  • Money-back guarantee and inclusive compensation cover
  • Free new and improved SMS and/or email notifications included with Special Delivery Guaranteed

Follow your parcel’s progress from start to finish with online tracking and signature on delivery. Keep your customers informed with free SMS and/or email notifications.

UK_RoyalMailSecondClassStandard Tracking

UK Royal Mail Second Class Standard is a delivery method name from eBay, tracking numbers look like 05029FF654D and usually have 1-2 statuses, when parcel is posted and when is delivered.

Royal Mail 2nd Class Parcels is a UK-wide parcel delivery within 3 working days. 2nd Class Parcels offers a low-cost, reliable, UK-wide delivery service for parcels weighing up to 20kg that aims to deliver your parcel within 2–3 working days, including Saturdays.

Online delivery confirmation* is available on Royal Mail 2nd Class parcels. Online delivery confirmation shows you when your item has been delivered or attempted to be delivered.

This isn't a tracked service. Information will only be available online at the point Royal Mail try to - or successfully - deliver your item.

Royal Mail Tracking Status Meaning

When you send mail with Royal Mail using a tracked service, your item gets scanned at various points in its journey.

  • Advised - As soon as Royal Mail have the details about a parcel being sent in their systems the tracking results will state ‘Advised’. As soon as the item enters Royal Mail network it will get a tracking scan and the Advised status will change to ‘In progress’
  • Advised to collect from a Post Office - My parcel tracking results states ‘addressee advised to collect from Post Office’ and the driver left a card. What shall I do now? o ensure that your parcel has been delivered safely, we need a signature. If this is not possible, then the driver will leave a card with the details of the local Post Office where your parcel is being securely held for you to collect from the next working day.
  • Attempted delivery - Our driver has called to deliver your parcel, but was unable to get anyone at the address to sign for it. They will have left a card detailing what they have done with it and the next steps you need to take. This is likely to be either taking it to a local Post Office to be held securely for you to pick up (the card will give the details of the Post Office and our website tracking will be updated when our driver has handed over your parcel and it is available for you to pick up), or taking it back to our depot. The card will explain if a further delivery will automatically take place or whether you need to contact us to make arrangements for receiving your parcel
  • In transit - Your item is on its way through our network. This message can cover several stages of its journey. You’ll see more details of its location and status when you enter your reference number.
  • Delivered to your address or a neighbour - We’ve delivered the item as addressed, or to a neighbour. If we leave the item with a neighbour, we’ll leave a ‘Something for you’ card to tell you where it is. You might see this message even if you’ve had your item delivered to a work address or business. We’ll leave a ‘Something for you’ card if we couldn’t deliver to the business address on the item. If you haven’t had the item or a card, please check with your colleagues or the post room to see if someone has accepted the item on your behalf.

Royal Mail Tracking Not Working or Showing Updates

There could be a number of reasons for this. Please check:

  • Passed at least 3-5 days since you got tracking number. Tracking systems need some time before updates start showing up
  • The number entered is correct.
  • If you're the recipient, check the sender has given you the right reference number.
  • The reference number is for an item sent with Royal Mail, using a service that offers tracking

What is Princess Royal DC?

International Economy Shipping Royal Mail

Royal Mail's Princess Royal Distribution Centre was originally built to integrate the movement of mail between road and rail, it is now mostly used as a road hub with very little mail going by rail at all.

International Shipping Royal Mail

What does on its way to RDC mean?

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre which is a large warehouse for one or more companies. Such locations have many deliveries every day and can be challenging points to get freight into.

Tracking is the most effective way to keep note of where parcels or letters are on their journey and Royal Mail tracking offers a number of benefits for customers. The Royal Mail is one of the UK’s most famous delivery services and offers services for people in the UK and overseas. Its new range of International Tracking & Signature services enables any parcel to be tracked easily from any location.

Royal Mail Online Tracking Service

More about Royal Mail and its tracking services

The Royal Mail is one of the world’s oldest public delivery services and was founded by King Henry VIII when he created a ‘Master of the Posts’ in 1516. When James I and VI and 6th ascended to the throne he quickly set about establishing a postal route from London to Edinburgh. This prototype mail service relied on horses and riders to carry packages and documents between towns and cities and was mainly used by the court and the aristocracy. The mail service became available to the public by decree of Charles 1 in 1635, although in those days it was the person receiving the letter who paid the postage.

Among the exciting features in the history of the Royal Mail is the introduction of the famous Royal Mail coaches. The first stagecoach to deliver mail ran between London and Bristol in 1784. The Royal Mail introduced the first postage stamps to the world when it created the iconic Penny Black. This stick on stamp replaced seals and sigils and as the inventor of pre-paid postage, Britain is the only country to this day that is not required to feature the country of issue on its stamps.

There was no tracking in those early years, although it’s one of the main advantages for customers today. Business clients and individuals enjoy the extra security and peace of mind that Royal Mail tracking affords them. Thanks to the advent of the tracking number, careers & jobs with the Royal Mail are more sought after than ever.

Track international post with the Royal Mail

Those posting items within the UK are not the only customers who can benefit from the Royal Mail’s unique range of tracking services. The company continues to devise new products and services and its International Tracking and Signature services are some of its most exciting to date. Customers can choose from three formats, International Tracked, International Signed and International Tracked and Signed.

Royal Mail Tracking at ->

International Tracked

The perfect choice for anyone who wants to send important papers, documents or goods or items that are valuable. This Royal Mail service includes tracking at five separate points after the parcel has been passed on for delivery. Once it has reached its destination, customers will receive online confirmation that their item has been safely delivered.

International Signed

Choose International Signed for added peace of mind. Items are tracked till they have left the UK and once they arrive at the designated address they will only be handed to the recipient once a signature has been given.


International Tracked and Signed

A combination of both services for the ultimate tracking security. Items are tracked through 5 separate stages and a signature is required from the recipient. Customers also receive e-mail notification when their package had been safely delivered.

The Royal Mail takes a committed approach to getting parcels delivered in a timely fashion and aims to deliver items posted using the Tracking and Signature services to European addresses within 3 to 5 days. Customers can expect worldwide mail to be delivered in 5 to 7 working days.

The Royal Mail adds an extra layer of security to all of its International Tracking and Signature services but having them travel within a separate network while in the UK. Proof of posting is provided as standard and compensation of up to £50 is also standard for these services. Customers can choose to extend their compensation cover against possible damage or loss up to £250 if posting items that are more valuable.

Although a signature is required upon delivery of International Signed or International Tracked and Signed items, a copy isn’t given to the customer as part of the service. However, these excellent services mean that customers can send mail to a wide selection of destinations easily and efficiently. A list of destinations that are now available for these services can be obtained online or from Post Office Counters.

The main advantages to choosing the Royal Mail’s International Tracking and Signature services include:

  • Choice of formats which can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs
  • Tracking possible at 5 separate stages
  • Signature if required
  • Fast service to Europe and further afield
  • An inexpensive solution for businesses or individuals

The Royal Mail today

Today, the Royal Mail is a fully privatized company and competition is stiff. In light of this, it offers a comprehensive range of services for corporate and personal customers. The most frequently used service is the standard postal service. Today, there are a number of ways to pay and users can purchase traditional stamps or opt for parcel labels that are printed at the Post Office counter. The Post Office is a separate company which works in tandem with Royal Mail to facilitate the delivery of parcels on a global scale.


The privatization of the Royal Mail in 2006 marked the end of a 350 hold on the mail system within the UK. However, it continues to be one of the most popular and reliable methods of sending letters, parcels and packages to addresses in the UK and overseas. Compared with other carriers, the Royal Mail might be considered expensive, but its advantages including services like tracking number, careers & jobs with the company and a host of extras makes it the ideal one-stop solution for customers from every background. The Royal Mail continued to add new services after privatization and made it possible for clients to pay for postage online in 2006.

Groundbreaking services from the Royal Mail

The famous red pillar box is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Royal Mail. The bright scarlet and gold livery is featured on everything relating to the company, including its delivery vehicles. Stamps are still big business for the Royal Mail and each year sees new issues that mark occasions and events in the UK or in the former Commonwealth. It also issues stamps as collectors‘ items for sporting events and the 2012 London Olympics set is one of the most sought after.

Royal Mail stamps olympics

The Royal Mail continually updates and hones its services for both business and individual customers. Whether sending a few packages per year or hundreds each week, customers enjoy the same service. Features like online tracking and the introduction of exclusive tracking numbers have allowed the Royal Mail to stay ahead of its competitors. Many other companies offer similar services, but the Royal Mail is able to deliver to addresses in the UK, Europe and further afield and offers a range of effective solutions. The Royal Mail is considered expensive in comparison to some of its competitors. However, it still offers some of the most reliable and convenient ways to send items safely to any destination.

Customers in the UK can send mail quickly and easily using either standard 1st or 2nd class mail. Both come with tracking numbers as an option and these can be found easily in the counter receipt from the Post Office or in the confirmation e mail. Royal Mail tracking numbers all have 13 characters while tracking numbers distributed by Parcelforce might have between 9 to 14 characters depending on the service and destination.

The Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed service is ideal for those posting small packets, letters or packages which need to get to their destination quickly Customers enjoy the add security of having their letter or package signed for as well as a tracking service that shows them when their item is in transit and when it has been delivered. Some of the advantages to choosing the Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed service include:

  • Delivery guaranteed by 9 am or by 1 pm on the next working day
  • Online tracking and signature on delivery
  • Proof of delivery and compensation cover

Specialized services for business clients

The Royal Mail continues to refine its services and offers a special Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 which is ideal for those sending a large number of packages each day (up to 15 kg). Customers need to send a minimum of 1,000 items per year using either the 24 or 48 option. Tracking numbers are included for every order and the service has other benefits such as:

  • Next day delivery on Tracked 24 parcels in the UK
  • Delivery of Tracked 48 parcels within 2 working days
  • SMS and e mail notification when delivered
  • Option to have recipient sign for package
  • Includes online tracking
  • Free re-delivery of recipient is not available

Customers using the Tracked 24 and Tracked 48 service from the Royal Mail can have parcels collected from their place of business or can post them as normal at any Post Office Counter.

Parcelforce and Parcelforce Worldwide

International mail & shipping page

Parcelforce is a subsidiary of the Royal Mail that offers an alternative way for customers to send packages and larger parcels to addresses in the UK. Its sister company Parcelforce Worldwide offers a range of services for clients wishing to send a large amount of mail or larger parcels to Europe and other worldwide destinations.

Parcelforce is in effect a courier service. Customers can drop parcels to be delivered at Post Office Counter or at their nearest Parcelforce depot. Parcels can also be collected for a small additional charge. All Parcelforce deliveries have tracking included and the tracking numbers can be found on the counter receipt or the receipt given by the local depot. Those arranging Parcelforce pick-up and delivery online will find their tracking numbers in their confirmation e mail.

The Royal Mail in the 21st century

When Henry VIII established the Royal Mail he could not have envisaged the success that the company would enjoy over the following 3 and a half centuries. As the 21st century marches on, the Royal Mail continues to develop its products and services for a contemporary client base. New and better methods of postage and tracking are created as the need arises, and the Royal Mail is one of the UK’s soundest and most prosperous companies.

Following privatization the company’s shares rose by a massive 38% leading to claims that its assets may have been undervalued. However, the Royal Mail weathered criticism and the Postal Services Act of 2011 decreed that it would continue to provide Universal Service until at least 2021.

Universal Service means that the company agrees to deliver mail for a standard fixed rate to addresses within the UK no matter what the distance covered by the letter or package might be. Prices are fixed according to size and weight, and though some users consider the Royal Mail standard services to be expensive in comparison to those in other European countries it is widely held to be safe, efficient and reliable – particularly when tracking services and tracking numbers are utilized.

All Royal Mail post is taken to sorting offices throughout the UK to be sorted into mail destined for various locations. Tracking services allow customers to see when their post has left their local sorting office as well as when it has been delivered. The UK’s largest sorting office at Mount Pleasant in London where mail is sorted both by automated mail sorting machine and by hand.

The Royal Mail employs a vast workforce both in the UK and overseas. Today, the company has over 150,000 permanent employees and in excess of 18,000 employees are added in November and December each year to cover the increase in Royal Mail services, tracking services and deliveries over the Christmas period. Careers & jobs with the Royal Mail range from traditional postmen to international couriers, sorting office staff and depot and administration personnel.

Royal Mail contact

As so many people try to contact Royal Mail on a daily basis regarding a plethora of issues, they have divided up their team who are contactable via a variety of different methods. Customers are advised to consult the FAQ sections of relevant parts of the Royal Mail website to see if their inquiries have been dealt with already before making contact directly, in order to speed up overall customer service and response.

  • For those, who have questions with relation to moving home or going on holiday, the number to call is 03457 777 888 within the UK, or +44 1782 668 007 outside of the UK. There is also an online form for queries, and the opening hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8am – 1pm on Saturdays.
  • Those in need of assistance with online postage can call 0345 611 3425 or email [email protected], opening hours Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm.
  • Online shop contact details are 03457 641 641, or (+44) 1752 387112 outside of the UK. Questions can also be emailed to [email protected]
  • Press Office can be reached by calling the number 0203 338 1007. Calls, that are coming outside the business hours, will be transferred to the Press Officer, who will then respond to calls as soon as possible. Press and journalists can also contact Royal Mail by email: [email protected]

General enquiries, complaints and claims are dealt with Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm and 8am – 1pm on Saturdays. Call 03457 740 740, textphone 03456 000 606, contact online via the online form, or contact them via post using this free-post address:

Royal Mail Customer Services
PO Box 740

Royal Mail tracking services in other countries: