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Kodi Stremio

Stremio ↗ is a modern media center that's a one-stop solution for your video entertainment. You discover, watch and organize video content from easy to install addons.

Pros for kodi: Kodi player is way more powerful and less laggy than the one from stremio. It plays all streams without even one stuttering or lag. I think maybe you should consider adopting the same player. Pros for stremio: Stremio Is a lot faster on interface and waiting times over scraping torrents and scrolling through the guide. However, those who are used to all this, Stremio may seem like a software more similar to the many in this sector. Better local file management in Stremio. Although this new software for i video in streaming has an option to be able to play local files, it has nothing to do with all the power of Kodi in this regard. In fact, to give us an idea.

These addons run remotely as a web service, so they can't do any harm to your computer. This is different from how addons work for Kodi for example, where they run locally on your computer and have dozens of third party dependencies. There have been several security incidents with Kodi addons like this one ↗ and even the Kodi developers themselves warn of the dangers of third party Kodi addons ↗ .

The Deflix addon for Stremio finds movies and TV shows from many different sources (YTS, The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG and ibit) and automatically turns them into cached HTTP streams with a debrid service like RealDebrid ↗, AllDebrid ↗ or Premiumize ↗, for high speed 4k streaming and no P2P uploading.

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The addon is under constant development and more features will be added in the future: Support for TV shows, more sources, grouping by bitrate, more custom options (like language filter) and more.