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2016-04-24 08:11:23 UTC

Bug ID: 351059 Summary: Krita crashes while using Brush tool, issues with genius tablet driver Product: krita Version: unspecified Platform: unspecified OS: MS Windows Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: crash Priority: NOR Component: tablet support Assignee: [email protected] Reporter:[email protected]

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  • Assignee: [email protected] Reporter:[email protected] Hello. I am using Krita x64 2.8.3 on Windows 8.1 with a tablet 'Huion H610 Pro Graphics'. When I setup any of.
  • Bug report checklist. Figure out the steps to reproduce a bug. Make sure your software is up to date. Ideally, test an in-development version to see whether your bug has already been fixed (e.g. Krita Lime, openSUSE, or Arch packages).
Bug ID: 362177
Summary: Problem with assigning brush tags

Krista Bugenhagen

Product: krita
Version: 3.0 Alpha
Platform: Ubuntu Packages
OS: Linux
Severity: normalKrita bugs
Priority: NOR
Component: Tools
KritaAssignee: krita-bugs-***
Reporter: ***
Sometimes it's impossible to assign a tag to a brush. If I f.e. want to add
some of the deevad bundle brushes to my favourites, I can do that only with

Krita Beginner Guide

some of them. So, some brushes are added to my favs. and some are not. If I
make a duplicate of the brush which was not assigned with the tag, that doesn't
help either. BUT - after some weird manipulations like double clicking,

Krita Bug Bad

closing/opening brush presets etc, I can finally get them assigned. It's a bit
Krita beginner tutorialdisturbing especially if I don't understand why it happens and why it doesn't
happen next time.

Krita Buggy

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