Mac Random Shutdown

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  • This is only a test. MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome seems to becoming more common with MacBook owners. Luckily there's a simple test to diagnose if your MacBook is afflicted.
  • I still contend that the random shut downs are due to faulty power supply unit inside iMac. Once these get tweaked by sags or surges in current from your electrical or ungrounded outlet the damage has been done! I HAVE had a faulty logic board on a previous machine but it was exhibiting different behavior.
  • My Mac Pro (2010, single 2.8) has randomly shutdown on me a couple of times. When I reboot, there wasn't a dialog box saying that the computer shutdown unexpectedly, nor was there's a dialog to ask if I want to reopen applications or send a report to Apple.
  • So far Apple has confirmed the random shutdown behavior on the 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro, though Mashable reports a similar issue occurring on the 13-inch MacBook Pro model from 2017, so the bug.
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By Stan Schroeder Dec 04, 2019 After a number of MacBook Pro users complained about their computers randomly shutting down, Apple officially acknowledged the issue and offered an unusual way to fix.

It is true that Apple devices are known for their longevity and high quality. However, there comes a point in time when some of their hardware or software fails. So, even if you are in the middle of a business meeting or you are working on a crucial assignment, it is possible that your MacBook turns off all of a sudden.

If ever that happens, don’t panic. You are not alone. In fact, many others have claimed to have experienced similar problems. Just face it. It has already happened. Now, what?

Unexpected Mac OS Shut Down: Why It Happens

Before we discuss ways on how to fix the issue, allow us to discuss a few possible reasons why these unexpected shutdowns happen.

Corrupted OS

Mac Random Shutdown

Believe it or not, the files that are saved on your device could be the reason your MacBook turns off unexpectedly. Because of a corrupted or damaged file, your device might not be able to find a viable installation of your OS, hence the shutdown.

Pro Tip: Scan your Mac for performance issues, junk files, harmful apps, and security threats
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Hardware Problems

Does your Mac OS shutdown unexpectedly when in fact you have installed all recent updates? Chances are, it could be caused by a hardware defect. Take note that this problem can be very difficult to diagnose, especially if you have no technical background. Nothing to worry though. It can be fixed.

Battery Defects

Like most devices, without a reliable and dependable power source, your MacBook cannot function properly. So, if there is a defect in your battery, your device can let you down. Thus, you have to literally prepare yourself for these sudden shutdowns.

Mac Mini 2012 Random Shutdown

Basic Fix: Troubleshooting 101

No, we are not suggesting that you buy a new MacBook. We want you to perform a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem.

1. Check the power sources.

An unexpected power surge can cause your MacBook device to turn off without warning. Anticipate the same to happen as well if your computer is not connected to an outlet. So, whenever you are working, make sure your device is connected to a reliable power source, or at least, you have enough battery to get you through the day.

2. Inspect the energy saving settings of your device.

Does your Mac OS shutdown unexpectedly every time you go idle for a few minutes? It could be that your Energy Saver setting is set for a very short span of time.

To get it fixed, here are some steps to take:

  1. Apple Menu > System Preferences > Hardware.
  2. Click on “Energy Saver”.
  3. Adjust the time your device is scheduled to turn off when idle or not in use

Macbook Random Shutdown

3. Check for updates.

Outdated software and firmware can cause your MacBook to shut down. Although it was a common issue in the past with some MacBook models, MacBook Pro firmware was released to fix the problem. Therefore, starting today, make it a habit to check for updates and install them right away.

Here’s how to get it done:

  1. Go to Apple Menu.
  2. Check the “Software Update” option.
  3. Install any available update for your OS or firmware.

4. Clear your device from any junk.

As you use your computer and surf the web, apps, and browsers might create different cache files and other junk files that affect your device’s performance and consume a huge space. You don’t want that to happen, right? To prevent this, why not use a tool such as Outbyte MacRepair to perform a quick scan and identify the problems you can easily resolve?

Mac Random Shutdown

5. Service your device.

Okay, you did everything, but the problem still keeps recurring. Here’s what you should do. Contact the official support team of Apple on their website or take your device to the nearest Apple service center, especially if it is still under warranty. For sure, they have a certified technician to diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

What Works Best

Whether it’s a new MacBook model or not, you should be able to identify the problem and resolve its random shutdown issue. But as the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” That means, before the problem arises, take action and prevent it from happening. Use automatic tools such as Outbyte MacRepair to clear away any unwanted files that can cause your Mac OS to shutdown unexpectedly. Your MacBook will thank you for that.

Hopefully, your computer is doing fine now. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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Mac Random Shutdown

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Computer Random Shutdown

Known Affected Units:
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Macbook Pro 15″ 2013
Macbook Pro 15″ 2014
Macbook Pro 15″ 2015

Hard Shutdown Mac

Macbook Pro 13″ 2013
Macbook Pro 13″ 2014
Macbook Pro 13″ 2015

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Mac Mini Random Shutdown

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