Macbook Pro 16 Keeps Restarting

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  2. Macbook Pro 16 Keeps Restarting Because Of A Problem

MacBook keeps restarting.A couple of months ago I dropped my MacBook Pro A1398 off the bed onto the floor. After that it kept making a horrible crackling noise for weeks. That has mostly subsided and only happens very rarely now and the noise is softer.

Learn how you can force restart MacBook Pro 2015. When your MacBook Pro is frozen and it would not respond or the screen goes black and you can't do anything. Finally, restart your MacBook and, if necessary, the device. If these steps don’t fix the problem, then look up your device and check to make sure it’s compatible with your Mac, and plugged. If the 'Mac keeps restarting' problem doesn't happen after you use your Mac for a period of time, you know that the third-party RAM or third-party internal hardware should to replaced to avoid the kernel panic. If your Mac keeps restarting again, you need to go to the Apple Store nearby with your Mac to seek help from Apple. Start by launching your MacBook into Safe Mode. This is done by pressing and holding the Shift Key when you start up your MacBook. The booter will try and verify as well as repair the startup volume. If there are pending repairs, this is when you will see the MacBook restaring before it continues.

After a number of MacBook Pro users complained about their computers randomly shutting down, Apple officially acknowledged the issue and offered an unusual way to fix it.

Macbook pro 2016 keeps restartingKeeps

The problem is with the 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro computer with two Thunderbolt 3 ports (although I wouldn't bet it's limited to that model; more on that later), which 'randomly turns off even though the battery shows a remaining charge.'


For more on the symptoms, check out this thread on MacRumors. I can describe it from personal experience, because it's happening to me, too: With my MacBook Pro's battery discharging, during normal use (so, nothing CPU-intensive like gaming or rendering a video) it just shuts down when it gets to about 20-30% battery.

The difference is that, in my case, it's a 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, and it's a rare occurrence, whereas it seems to be happening quite often for some users of the newer machines. Obviously, my MacBook Pro could be suffering from a different issue altogether, but it is quite similar to what other users are describing.

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Macbook Pro 16 Keeps Restarting How To

In any case, Apple's advice on how to fix it is as follows: Get your MacBook Pro's battery to less than 90 percent, connect it to the power adapter, quit all apps, close the lid (which should put the laptop in sleep mode), and let it charge for at least 8 hours. Then, update to the latest version of macOS.

Macbook Pro 16 Keeps Restarting

Macbook Pro 16 Keeps Restarting Because Of A Problem

If the problem persists, Apple says, contact Apple support.