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The black and frozen screen that hits Macs not only diminishes productivity but also annoys users immersed in their work. Commonly known as the ‘black screen of death’, this sudden event results in destruction and hemorrhage of data. If your Macbook Pro screen has gone black and Unresponsive, this article sheds more light into the possible causes and relative solutions.

Reset SMC and NVRAM. Another very impactful method for improving and upgrading MacBook performance is resetting the SMC and NVRAM. SMC or System Management Controller is responsible for battery management, thermal management, and many more hardware management services. Your SMC is now reset. Resetting SMC on a Mac Desktop. If you have an iMac, a Mac Mini, or a Mac Pro, resetting the SMC is dead simple: Shut down your Mac, then unplug the power cable. Wait 15 seconds. Plug the power cord back in, then turn on your Mac. The SMC is now reset. Photo Credits: cdelmoral, Rob DiCaterino.

During use or booting your Mac screen may turn black and even trying to force quit does not solve the issue. Frequently, this stems from software operations rather than hardware components. Read on to discover the causes and effective ways to fix it.

Article GuidePart 1. Potential Causes of Macbook Pro Screen Goes BlackPart 2. How to Fix Macbook Pro Screen Goes Black and UnresponsivePart 3. Other Solutions to Remove Macbook Pro Black ScreenPart 4. In Conclusion

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Part 1. Potential Causes of Macbook Pro Screen Goes Black

Battery Drain

Your Mac may be a workhorse but develops malfunctions with abuses like prolonged use. A defective battery or a faulty charging cord can unleash the dark screen nightmare. Check all hardware components related to the charging system.

Software/App Error

Macbook Pro Hardware Reset

Third-party applications lurking with bugs can cause the black and frozen screen. Software errors can disappear if you force quit Mac. Again, iMyMac PowerMyMac equips you with a killer bullet against suspicious apps and files. We recommend it as an all-round tool to optimize and declutter your Mac. It also frees up your hard disk space.

iMyMac PowerMyMac combines a performance monitor, memory retriever, application uninstaller and advanced cleaner. Manual search to identify any bugs is time-consuming and unpredictable. Most users who have experienced a black screen scenario attribute the issue to viruses and bugs. It’s a strange cause, but sometimes junk files open a new can of worms, so it doesn’t hurt to try this piece of software.

Broken Disk Permissions/Login Items

Permissions on control users or system processes link to the files. Incorrect disk permissions could make your Mac unresponsive with a black screen. Fortunately, you can run iMyMac PowerMyMac to diagnose and fix broken disk permissions. It repairs broken file or folder permissions throughout the registry to keep the functioning of your apps at full pelt. With this tool, your Macbook will get a smooth performance.

Waking from Sleep

Black screen problems also occur when rebooting your Mac from sleep. It may be caused by factory defects leading to a stubborn screen. Sometimes, the computer may respond with noises, active fans or indicator lights while the screen remains blank.

MacOS Operating System

The new operating system might trigger compatibility issues leading to a black screen. Similarly, macOS contains bugs that could produce the black screen of death. iMyMac PowerMyMac frees up system storage space to optimize performance. Reinstall the macOS and all apps to the latest versions to solve software issues.

Macbook pro hardware reset tool

Part 2. How to Fix Macbook Pro Screen Goes Black and Unresponsive

Method 1. PRAM Reset Your Mac

The first and most decisive way you can pull off this trick involves a PRAM reset. PRAM means ‘Parameter Random Access Memory’-a division of memory that archives system settings. Resetting the PRAM memory can help kill the black screen.

Step 1: Reboot and once you hear the sound; latch on Command + Option + P + R buttons.

Step 2: The next time the boot sound chimes, the PRAM is reset.

Step 3: Give the Mac time to boot up and check if the dark screen has disappeared.

Method 2. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC)

Trying to reset the SMC may do the job as it lies at the heart of your Mac system. SMC refers to an integrated circuit in charge of power management. Resetting SMC can fix the black screen. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Switch off your mac and plug in the charger.

Step 2: Press down the Shift + Control + Option + Power keys at once for 5 seconds.

Step 3: Free all the button keys.

Step 4: Your Mac should now restart without the dark screen.

Method 3. Sleep with a Keypress Sequence

Next, boot up your Mac after sleep. This hack can work if the other methods above fail.

To do this:
Step 1: Hit the power off switch to throw up the dialogue box even though it remains cloaked in darkness.

Step 2: Press the S button, the shortcut for sleep.

Step 3: Latch on the power button for ten seconds to get out of the way.

Step 4: After 15 seconds, hold down the power button to reboot it.

Part 3. Other Solutions to Remove Macbook Pro Black Screen


Solution #1 Restarting

If you can’t access the system metrics, restarting the machine may address the issue. Click CNTRL + EJECT keys to display the dialog box, then hit ENTER even where the dialog box is shrouded. Afterward, press the power button once the computer shuts down to restart it.

CNTRL+ CMND + EJECT automatically launches a restart. Latch on the power button for 5 seconds to screech it to a halt. Give it 15 seconds and hold it again to reboot. Your Mac should launch to its normal state without the black screen.

Solution #2 Reinstall MacOS

Reinstalling Mac OS resolves the issue instantly. The reinstallation will do the trick if it’s inextricably linked to a third-party app. Back up your data before downloading the latest version of macOS from the Mac App Store.

Solution #3 Hardware Problems

Where the issue requires a replacement of a hardware component like charging or battery, you have to fix this to remove the darkened screen. Check the current model and the serial number of equipment to order a compatible version. Incompatibilities can exacerbate system failures and increase the costs of repair.

Part 4. In Conclusion

Black screens throw a spanner in the works leaving you frustrated and confounded. The first and conclusive solution is to reboot your machine. If you can restart your machine without a clear display, this will counter the problem right off the bat. Some of the remedies might be a hard nut, but with clear steps, this article will guide you through the process.

These methods at times erase data, remember to back up or use a data recovery tool.

If none of the methods worked, comment below so our team can follow up and help you further. If you solved the issue, share the article with your family or social network to save their time with subtle shortcuts.

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Ika2021-04-22 21:18:30

Przeczytałam artykuł i niestety nie mogę sobie poradzić z problemem : na MacBooku air mam czarny ekran i kolorowe kręcące kółeczko Nie mogę go odłączyc ani włączyć Co jeszcze mogę zrobić ?

silvia2021-04-07 14:02:04

Il mio schermo diventa nero solo se tengo il display del Mac a circa 90° dalla tastiera. Non va in stop ma lo schermo diventa scuro (come quando si ha la luminosità al penultimo punto prima del minimo). Riesco a malapena vedere qualcosa e non capisco cosa c'è che che non va e come risolvere.

RICCARDO2021-03-16 16:40:31

Ciao, ho un Macbook pro retina mid 2015 dal 2017 (nuovo)(ovviamente è già fuori garanzia) , da ieri 15/03/2021 il macbook ha deciso di dare schermata nera. Collegandola tramite un cavo HDMI riesco a visualizzare il macbook tranquillamente, ma senza schermo esterno non saprei come fare dato che lo schermo nero rimane perennemente senza permettermi di vedere nulla. Fortunatamente funziona tutto, ma capite che la situazione è ingestibile, soprattutto per chi lavora come me. Dopo aver fatto diverse prove anche parlando con il centro assistenza Apple non siamo riusciti a trovare una soluzione. l'assistanza pensa che possa essere un problema hardware , e quindi chiedo a voi , quale potrebbe essere secondo voi il problema hardware di cui parlano? e in caso quanto mi verrebbe a costare il tutto?dato che il macbook funziona abbastanza bene potrebbe essere stato l'aggiornamento a BIGSURE che ho fatto verso dicembre? vi ringrazio in anticipo per la risposta , spero di risolvere dato che ho acquistato il macbook per lavoro e non per perdere tempo come gli altri pc. Grazie in anticipo spero di essere stato abbastanza chiaro nella spiegazione.

Adrian2021-02-26 16:10:58

Mi mac colapso y busque soluciones, la primera fue re instalar el sistema operativo desde internet, utilice alt+command+R, esto me llevó al instalador por internet, pero en los últimos minutos de instalación se quedó trabada nuevamente, la dejé esperando que fuera parte del proceso pero indicando que le faltaban 20 minutos continuaba en la misma descripción pero ya habían transcurrido 2 horas, tome la decisión, errónea de re-iniciar y oh sorpresa, pantalla negra, y lo único que hace es prender el foco de encendido y se escucha el disco encendido, aplique todas las formas que aquí indican y nada, alguna otra solución o de plano le pongo gasolina y la prendo? : )

miguel2021-02-05 04:25:06

Hola!! muy buena y completa toda la información!! gran trabajo de tu parte!!Tengo un problema que no aparece exactamente aca. Tengo una macbook pro 2015 13´ el problema es que me venía funcionando correctamente y la apague, al rato al prenderla me quedo la pantalla oscura no del todo negra sino que en los bordes tenía algo de luz, toque varios botones y no sucedía nada, hasta que deje apretado el boton de apagado y luego pude volverla a prender y funciona correctamente, pero cuando dejo de usarla por un rato y quiero volver a activarla luego del reposo vuelve a quedar oscura nuevamente, me sucedió dos veces hasta el momento. no se que hacer. Muchas gracias desde ya!

iMyMac2021-02-05 19:45:45

Hola, ¿Ha configurado un temporizador para apagar la pantalla?

piotr2021-01-16 18:19:54

macbook pro 15 2012r witam mam problem z moim mac od jakiegos czasu ekran mruga ,tzn.obraz zanika ale podświetlenie ekranu działa ,miałem też sytuacje ze po podniesieniu klapy ekran wogóle sie nie uruchamiał bło tylko widac podswietlanie ekranu ,komputer jest zadbany raz w roku jest czyszczony w środku nie przegrzewa sie korzystam z niego tylko na baterii nigdy na ładowarce bateria jest w dobrej kondycji prosze o pomoc porade bardzo kocham mojego maca pomocy ;-}

Mary2020-11-10 06:55:44

Macbook Pro Hardware Reset Instructions

I have a 3 yr old macbook pro, very well cared for. It was working fine until today when I keep getting a black screen. I've tried all your suggestions but am having no luck. The computer does get warm after a few minutes charging and it makes a dying noise when I plug in the power cord, but that's all I get. Please help!

iMyMac2020-11-10 08:38:05


Hi, In this case, we recommend that you call Apple to replace the charger.

Kobe Degeest2020-10-21 23:58:02

Hallo!Na een weekje mijn MacBook niet te hebben gebruikt, krijg ik hem niet meer aan de praat. Alvast dat dacht ik toch. Als ik met een zaklamp schijn en zeer goed kijk, zie ik dat mijn MacBook werkt. Ik heb zelfs mijn paswoord ingegeven en kon ontgrendelen. Echter werd mijn scherm niet helderder (ook niet wanneer ik mijn helderheid wou aanpassen). Voor de rest werkt mijn capslock lampje en de helderheid van de toetsen ook. Enig idee aan wat dit kan liggen? Alvast een dikke merci!

Macbook Pro Hardware Reset

Javier2020-09-13 17:12:09

Macbook Pro Hardware Reset Command

Hola, tengo un macbook a1278 de 13,3'. Me empezo fallando de vez en cuando la pantalla, un dia dejo de funcionar y se quedo en negro, conectado a una pantalla externa funciona perfectamente, le cambie el cable de la pantalla a la placa y seguia igual, le he cambiado el lcd y sigue igual. No se donde puede estar el fallo. El logo trasero tampoco se enciende. Muchas gracias.

iMyMac2020-09-14 16:00:25

¿Solucionaste el problema según este artículo? Hay muchas posibilidades para que la pantalla se vuelva negra. Si ha probado todos los métodos de este artículo y aún no funciona, le sugiero que se comunique directamente con el centro de posventa de Apple, que puede resolver su problema más rápido.

Lourdes tania2020-08-10 23:45:03

Hola es.primera vez que tengo un apple y se me es muy difícil utilizarla quisiera que me ayudes primero donde encuentro la aplicación de la camara web quiero que las cámara sea más clara esta muy oscura ayúdame por fabor

iMyMac2020-08-11 12:41:30

Inicie el Finder y haga clic en Aplicaciones, ubique Photo Booth y haga doble clic en él, que abrirá su cámara web automáticamente.

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