Macbook Pro Suddenly Restarts

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  1. Macbook Restarting Randomly
  2. Macbook Pro Keeps Restarting Loop
  3. Macbook Pro Shutdown Problems

I'm new to daily Mac use, but I think I have my settings correct. My laptop is kept plugged in at work – never runs on battery. In my Energy Saver system prefs, I have Computer Sleep and Display Sleep set to Never on both Power Adapter and Battery, all options (hard disk sleep, wake for network access, reduce brightness, start up after power failure) are unchecked. There is nothing set up in the Schedule area to turn on or off at specific times.

Macbook pro suddenly reboots

Macbook Restarting Randomly

Image via CrunchBase. My iMac was rock stable, right up until I installed Mountain Lion on it. Then, at random times, it would suddenly reboot. Fortunately, most of it seemed to happen at night – I’d get up in the morning and find my Mac had rebooted.


At least twice a week, though, when I go to lunch (which is never at the same time) if I'm gone for more than an hour or so, when I come back the computer has restarted itself. Not gone to sleep, or shut down, but completely restarted.

Is there a system log somewhere I could look at that would show me what was happening at the times the computer restarted? Or is there some other setting I'm missing that's making this happen? Although I try to remember to save all my work before I leave just in case, every so often I forget, and I'm getting sick of losing work (or even just losing system state and having to restart all my programs, reopen all my files, etc.)


  1. If your Macbook Pro Retina is freezing intermittently and you can’t wait for the official fix from Apple, read on to discover some workarounds to fix this issue. How to Fix a MacBook Pro That Is Freezing Randomly. MacOS is a very stable and reliable operating system that rarely experiences freezing or unresponsiveness.
  2. My new M1 Mac restarts randomly at no particular reason. I sent it to a local authorized support center (I don't live in USA) and they reinstalled the OS in like 6 days (bruh) and said it was fine. After getting it back, it still malfunctions. Local Apple reseller says it can't be returned.

Macbook Pro Keeps Restarting Loop

Macbook pro suddenly reboots

Macbook Pro Shutdown Problems

I don't know if anyone is still following this; I'll post as a new question if I don't hear back in a few days. It's been restarting fairly regularly the past few weeks; I just haven't had time to check the console and figure things out. Today I know to within a 20-minute period when the restart happened, so I'm posting the console messages from that period.