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11.49MB. Updated 2021-04-03. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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  3. Medical School Anki Decks

Med School; Art; Resources; About; Menu. We love Anki, but found it very difficult to use at first. Medschool Anki contains all the relevant information to High Yield Anki decks for the USMLE Step 1, 2, 3, Medical School, and Residency for Medical Students and Resident Physicians. For that reason, I am going to lay out how to use Anki for the first two years of medical school.

Get to know the four medical students on The AnKing team! They have worked tirelessly to create Anki videos and tutorials to help premeds and medical students worldwide. MEDtube is leading social eLearning platform for physicians and healthcare professionals. Browse and discuss 25,000+ videos, courses and images. Let's learn together. Anki is one of the most powerful tools in medical school. Most medical students have used Anki for the USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, and Shelf exams. They pray for high scores that will lead them to the residency of their dreams. However, not everyone who uses Anki does well. In fact, tons of students.

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Supported Anki versions:
  • 2.1.22-2.1.42+ (updated 2021-04-03)

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.


on 1620299769
on 1620049059
Worked perfect without any problems! Thank you!
on 1619704108
For some reason when I downloaded the add-on the color of all fonts stayed black so I can't read anything and couldn't figure out how to make it white
Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can get this resolved so you can turn this into a like :)
on 1619251612
Great addon. Only change I would like to see implemented is the ability to have a different background in normal and night mode.
That's a great idea. I'll consider that for future versions!
on 1619217392
on 1618775953
on 1618642531
on 1618524135
Thanks once again!
on 1618311494
on 1617719578
Love it!
on 1617700392
on 1617674761
It makes the quality of life when AnKing way better!
Edit 2021-04-05: I really appreciate the willingness to help... but I actually meant that the bug is in the bottom not showing the image, and not the top showing it (before the update I used to have only the top/bottom toolbar showing the image during reviews, now even with the options selected to show the image in both toolbars, it only shows on top). But as I said, that's not anything important. Thaaank you very much!
Unfortunately it will always show in the reviewer because the top bar is always the top bar by Anki's settings and doesn't change for the review screen. I'd recommend using the No Distractions add-on if its annoying. Thanks for the feedback though!
on 1617472732
on 1617439892
So easy thanks to this addon, thanks you so much!!
on 1617403652
on 1617390919
Love it!
on 1617381893
Great update Anking and the mates, the changing of wallpaper and customizing became so easy
on 1617283090Medicalschoolanki
on 1616894139
on 1616497128
on 1615688255
on Medical1615423810
on 1614961941
on 1614840793
Very nice, however, is there a way for me to cycle through my own custom background images, or do I only get to stick to 1 image if I use my own one
Edit: nevermind i found out it changes every time you open the app not when the app is open
on 1614693766
on 1613872614
on 1613659225
on 1613031902
How do I change the settings for Mac please?
on 1612907995
on 1612812396
Good background
Was this accidentally a dislike? If not, please email me and I'd be happy to help work through whatever you don't like
on 1612734081
Hi looks/works great, but when I use in night mode when I go to study a deck the portion where the question is shown is grey & the question is written out in white making it hard to see, do you know how to fix this?
on 1612708161
on 1612599341
on 1612008285
on 1611941452
on 1611257736
on 1610381408
Thank you so much this is useful
on 1610254609
on 1610206223
on 1609949832
does exactly what it says it does. although when I collapse or expand a deck, the background goes away briefly and returns
on 1609608846
01/01/2020 Firstly, the dislike was chosen only due to lack of better option. I am trying to use a image of my own. However, it is not working. The format is PNG by the way. Is there any requirement in regards to the image features?
02/01/2020I fixed it. The transparency needs to be on point for Anki to be able to use the image as a background. I changed the dislike for a like. Thanks a lot. Your support was very prompt. Great Job, AnKing.
You should be able to use a PNG or JPEG or GIF. Are you configuring it properly? Have you seen this video that goes over it?
The best method, in your case, would be to submit an issue on github or email me at [email protected] and I can try to help you.
I'm more than happy to assist and would appreciate if you change this to a like.
on 1609188950
I get the following error when I try to add it:
'One or more errors occurred:
1210908941: Invalid code, or add-on not available for your version of Anki.'
Thank you so much, apologies for disliking. Also I really appreciate the work you guys do on here and with the anking decks <3
I'm working on the update right now (as stated in the add-on description). If you want to change this from a dislike to a like, I'd be happy to send you a beta version
UPDATE: I just uploaded a quick fix for you.
on 1609124920
It works now. Thank you for your great effort. Sorry for disliking.
I'm working on the update right now (as stated in the add-on description). If you want to change this from a dislike to a like, I'd be happy to send you a beta version.
UPDATE: I just uploaded a quick fix for you.
on 1609108754
Thanks, I hope that's updated now
Side note: I really appreciate the work you guys do!
on 1608474449
It flashes white whenever I click onto a deck. I'm not sure how to fix this as I'm new to Anki. When I switched to night mode it flashes black. Really unfortunate since this looks amazing.
Edit: Made the image file size smaller but there is still a white flash which is an eye-strain. It's slightly better than what it was before though. I'll just try to deal with it
This is due to Anki reloading the page and is an issue with Anki, not the add-on. If you try to use a smaller file size image as the background, it should decrease that. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to troubleshoot it with you and then you can turn this dislike into a like :)
on 1607792744
on 1607541112
on 1606762925
I don't know why but the pictures are blurred and for some reason a white screen appears when i click on something... It's really frustrating because it's a great add on but it doesn't work for me :(
I'd be happy to troubleshoot this for you if you wanna switch the dislike to a like :) The white screen issue has been determined to be due to having really large file size images (which the default are). Unfortunately using a lower file size image usually means decreased quality. Feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and mention this discussion
on 1606535380
on 1606254670
Very aesthetically pleasing
on 1606122419
on 1605736045
Nice looking!
on 1604770396
A great add-on, but I'm also having a white-flash whenever I click on a deck. Did anybody ever find a fix to this issue?
You need to use smaller file size images for the background and that will resolve it.
on 1604536876
Add-on looks good, and changing the background works.
But for some reason, I can't change the gear icon (it's still the same default gear icon even after restarting Anki).
Running Anki version 2.1.35
on 1603739286
on 1603354803
on 1602378835
on 1601748233
Thank you!
on 1601553666
on 1601481628
on 1600218853
on 1599710571
this makes anki look 1000x better, it doesn't look like 1990s anymore if you pick a good image!
on 1599603522
It looks really good but it flashes white every time I change screen or open a folder of decks
Mine doesn't do that, but I'd be happy to look into it for you and see if there is a bug! My first thought is that maybe it works better with nightmode. Can you email me at [email protected]? Then you can change this to a like :)
on 1599248160
on 1599171179
on 1598923288
on 1598782328
I love it. I feel excited with them.
on 1598355497
Amazing add on to make the anki experience more enjoyable and pleasant! ;)
on 1598236748
on 1597220144
on 1597182722
on 1597025690
I did report an issue that may be caused by my carelessness, and the Add-on creator solved it patiently and efficiently. Thanks to the author~
on 1596975699
After nightmode addon was deprecated I was at a loss but thanks to this addon I can choose any background I want back again. Thank you for your work.
on 1596820081
on 1596779480
Works great
on 1596770273
on 1596724201
on 1596478646
on 1596227588
Cool addition
on 1595552014
on 1595367889
Makes the interface more apealing
on 1595350883
on 1595135501
Very pretty. Thanks!
Also, for those wondering, put Anki on night-view.
on 1594463127
WORKS WELL, but how can I change the color of the title of the decks (like A-missed Qs)?
Check out the video linked above. It'll explain how to use the custom css files to change things like that!
on 1594256632
on 1593922467
on 1593391771
on 1593390112
Very handy addon!I wonder if there anyway to make toolbar and background a whole image?
on 1593363720
Cool add on. Definitely an improvement beyond the sort of bland and ugly white screen.
on 1592962871
really cool and can add own backrounds!! i suggest doing that (sorry but the preset backrounds are really ugly lmao)
on 1592718995
on 1592593895
on 1592474349
on 1592391212
thank you! beautiful
on 1591790328
on 1590958218
This my motivation to study more big. Thank you for all your work.
Edit: How do I change the background?
I know, I'm newbie in information.
on 1590952572
Thanks you very much from Peru!!! I love this add-on :)
on 1590950727
on 1590856733
Makes studying a bit better :)
on 1590596014
on 1590092815
It is a good complement but I do not know how to change the image it only opens the files but I do not know how to make it change the image, what do I do?
on 1589569648
on 1589528034
on 1589457919
Super amazing, makes anki little less boring! :D
on 1589158784
The background image changes size slightly every time a card displays an image, is there any way to prevent this? Otherwise absolutely incredible addon
Hmm.. I'd have to evaluate your settings and see pics of what's going on. Feel free to submit on github or email me at [email protected] and I'll look into it
on 1589103805
Excellent add on man,but I can't get the image for full screen in my windows.
Do you have any idea why..
Check the config for background-size. You can set it to 'cover' instead of 'contain'
on 1588663349
on 1588451258
good addon
on 1588190564
EXCELLENT. How did you get your heatmap to look like that? Did you customize the code?
Nope, I just altered the settings in the heatmap options :)
on 1587991791
great add-on, however, I found the addition of the background image to the review cards annoying as I already had a bunch of customized card styles that worked well on desktop + mobile.
If anyone wants to disable the background during reviews, set 'Reviewer image': false. Thanks for the add-on!
on 1587908591
awesome, but is there a way for me to upload my own custom background?
on 1587722550
on 1587683196
Thanks for this Add-On!
on 1587669895
Works great but I do have a question
If I don't want the background to show on the review cards, I set it to false. However, it still shows the top and bottom bars as the background image. Is there any way to fix this?
on 1587328014
That little extra that keeps me going! Thank you so much
on 1587281962
Fantastic add on, took a little playing with to figure out what each setting really did. Lastly I liked how before this most recent update the toolbar image was only the top in the reviewer. Im sure a lot of people probably wanted both, but could there maybe be a setting to turn top or bottom toolbar on seperately for both main overview screens and then reviewer, so basically toolbars would be 4 settings rather than just 1.
on 1587227408
Love this add-on!! The ability to now have the image displayed in the reviewer as well as in both toolbars makes it even better!
on 1586215034
on 1586150150
wow! I wonder what's the name of your add on for the design on the desk overview page!?
on 1585751060
on 1585749179
Great stuff!
on 1585681214
on 1585670104
Amazing add-on. Only problem is I can't get the image to follow onto review cards as well, even after your 3/21/20 update. Any tips? Tried messing with my card templates but this hasn't worked either.
The version with images in the reviewer is currently a beta on my patreon. Once I get time to finish cleaning it up and testing it I'll release it on here :)
on 1585599967
Love it and thank you! Any idea why the image isn't taking up the whole screen though? I'd say about 80% is covered by the pic and then the rest is just the normal anki background.
EDIT: Went to your youtube video (awesome video btw) and figured it out. Thank you kindly!

Medical School Anki Cards

on 1585569675
I can't change the gear icon. The rest is working perfectly.
It seems there's been some conflicts with the enhance main window add-on. If that's not your case, you can submit it on github or email me and I can look into it if you want?
on 1585363464
on 1585330055
on 1585306777
The add-on refused to download, and I checked that I had Anki 2.1.
You have to have Anki 2.1.22 or later, unfortunately. Update to the lastest version of Anki on Ankiweb and then you can change this to a like cause you'll love it :) (in the future, I and all other add-on authors would appreciate if you comment on github or send an email instead of a dislike for issues like this)
on 1585280975

Anki Medical School Decks

beautiful!!! (i am curious though how to include the background during review also.)
on 1585194154
on 1585155513
Great work
on 1585098589
on 1585089798
This is what I was wanting for years! Awesome work!
on 1585072879
sorry for the dislike, man:(
thanks for all your effort
No worries! Glad you got it working and thank you for changing it to a like! :)
on 1585068673
on 1585059946
Superbe ! Merci beaucoup !
on 1585032917
on 1585011061
coincidentally last week I spent an entire afternoon tinkering around to add a background and make my screen look pretty.
this is way easier! awesome
on 1584981360
on 1584971753
on 1584969250
Very good addon, also take a look at this that supports gif
This one should support gif as well! That add-on tackles the issue in a different way, but they should both work
on 1584900291
Beautiful. Thank you very much, AnKing. I have been wanting to do this for a long time.
on 1584835311
on 1584781423
on 1584768517
on 1584765629
I highly recommend this addon for anyone who is looking to customize their anki to make it more suitable to their own needs.
on 1584753539
on 1584748102
on 1584747479
How do I change the size of the image to fit with my laptop screen?
on 1584740412
*EDIT* Just found out it isn't compatible with enhance main window. Please make it compatible and thanks!
Great addon for the background! Sadly, changing the gears isn't working on my end. Even with the first install of the addon, the config is set to Anki.png but the gear icon still remains
I think the gears isn't compatible with enhance main window. I'll look into it though!
on 1584734456
on 1584732301
This is solid!
on 1584731692

Medical School Anki Decks

Really appreciate the add-on!
on 1584728128
on 1584716967
Great addon!
on 1584714061Medicalschoolanki
on 1584713805
This is a beautiful add-on that spices up the anki world
on 1584708315
You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for making this miserable year more enjoyable
on 1584699772
on 1584685346
Beautiful! Thanks!! :)
on 1584684473
on 1584670813
So cool
on 1584668472
Great add-on!
Maybe add an option to show one image in light mode, and another image in dark mode.
on 1584668154
on 1584666717
Thanks Anking!
on 1584666198
on Medicalschoolanki1584665671
So cool!
on 1584664019
What a wonderful addon!
I would suggest, to make things even better, a slide option so we could put 5-10 images.
on 1584662769
on 1584661498
Amazing add on
on 1584661194
on 1584660803
time to relax and study
on 1584660777
on 1584660462
Anki aint plain no more!
on 1584660381
An amazing way to customize my Anki home screen!