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Meeting transcriptions (GoToMeeting's Smart Meeting Assistant) is the textual representation of your meeting conversations. It automatically transcribes your recorded meeting and provides you a simple link to share with attendees so they can view the interactive recording, search for keywords, and more! Meeting transcription services will capture, with accuracy and precision, what has been said, transforming speech into documents that allow for easy access and use of these words. Produced through our proprietary workflow system and professional transcribers who are recruited, assessed and vetted through our jobs website.

Teams Meeting Transcription

Organizations hold regular meetings with their board of directors to make important decisions about business operations, financial matters, and future growth. It’s crucial for companies to keep a record of what was stated during a meeting – and by whom.

We provide high-quality board meeting and meeting minutes transcription services to companies of all sizes, small businesses and large corporations alike.

Why transcription is superior to traditional minute taking

Recording meeting minutes the traditional way is tedious for the minute taker and provides an incomplete (and sometimes incorrect) picture of meeting proceedings. By using a professional meeting transcription service, you can get a much more accurate and comprehensive record.

At times, the meeting is bound to go off track. With a transcript, it’s easy to extract key points – and if you ever need to go back and reference something, you can compare the transcript with the source audio and never miss a beat.

Confidential and secure meeting transcription

As professional transcriptionists, we often work with highly sensitive and confidential company information. We understand the important of safeguarding your data at every step of the project. Our confidentiality and security policies are as follows:

  • We encrypt your source materials and transcripts both in storage and in transfer.
  • Our transcriptionists sign a confidentiality agreement prior to working with us. We’ll also send a signed agreement for your records before getting started on your meeting transcription project.

Professional transcription services at competitive rates

Our U.S. and Canada-based transcriptionists are trained in clean-verbatim transcription and AP style rules. We lightly edit your transcripts to remove nonessential matter like stutters, um’s and uh’s, and false starts. The result is an easy to read and highly professional-looking record of your meeting.

Our pricing is similar to other North America-based meeting transcription services. We charge based on audio difficulty and number of speakers.

Tips for recording meetings

Meeting Transcription Zoom


Taking the time to produce a quality audio recording can reduce your transcription costs and ensure an accurate record of the meeting.

Interruptions and overtalking can detract from a clean transcript, so keep the discussion on track as much as possible. Position mics so that all speakers can be heard clearly and avoid holding the meeting in a location with background noise.

Zoom meeting transcription

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