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Micro Tracker Iii

Micro Tracker

+1(561) 279-3939The Micro Tracker is a portable GPS Tracker that can be used to track any person, vehicle, or asset. The Micro Track.

Stay found

Say hello to the world’s smallest Bluetooth tracker – and goodbye to lost items! Small enough to fit on a key ring (12mm x 12mm x 6mm) The Bit is the perfect Bluetooth finder. The Bit app will alert you when you're about to leave something behind or let you know when you are in the range of one of your trackers. Make your life a bit easier with this personal location device that gives peace of mind, by avoiding loss of valuables. When you lose an item, the location tracking app will help you find it.

Small and sleek design

  • The MicroTracker III is a miniature, highly sensitive GPS tracker designed for asset and vehicle tracking. Its miniature size presents users with endless possibilities for concealment while featuring live tracking, locate NOW ability, and 3D motion sensing.
  • The Spark Nano 7 Micro GPS tracking device provides you with the most important features: real-time location updates, speed alerts, geofences, and dedicated web & smartphone apps. Its reliable coverage has myriad uses, from tracking your company’s assets to keeping track of your teen driver on her first road trip. It can even be attached to a.
  • Track From Anywhere, No Internet Required. The original My Macros+. We know that you are not always eating in arms distance from a computer and that is why My Macros+ is available on all iOS and Android devices. Don't let being away from home stop you from tracking your diet and reaching your goals.
  • The MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device is a micro GPS tracking device designed for safe driving for young and old people. This smallest GPS tracking chip can be used in the US, Canada and Mexico to accurately track the location, direction, traffic, speed and other specific conditions on Google Maps via 4G.

Micro Tracker Kopen

Own your own piece of space technology: TheBit – the world’s smallest Bluetooth tracker. What was once only available to the space program – is now accessible to everyone for under $30. Developed in Australia, this tiny device will help you keep track of all your valuables from keys, glasses and luggage to cars, pets and even children! If one small step is taken out of range TheBit tracking app will notify you. Keep your family and belongings secure and never forget or lose things again.

Why choose TheBit ?

Micro tracker chip

Because size does matter

The Bit is waterproof and can follow your kids and pets wherever they go

Stitch The Bit into clothing to secure it with your kids

TheBit is the best tracking device to meet all your needs! If you require a cat or dog tracking locator we’ve got you covered. The bit can be used as a child tracking device to watch over your kids playing in the yard, exploring the park or to find your child when they wander off. Simply use your phone or tablet to locate your Bit tracker – buy it for your wallet, bag, luggage, keys, dog, cat or kids.
Sleep soundly knowing everything in your home or office is where it needs to be with this nifty new gadget! Whether you’re looking for a pet or a child tracking device – go no further than TheBit Bluetooth tracker, to watch over your most valued possessions – and keep your mind at ease!

What you can track and monitor just got a lot smaller


For the first time, microTracking technology gives you the ability to track and monitor assets, objects, shipments, inventory, tools - anything that has value if lost or stolen. Our sensors can be attached to, or embedded, inside things as small as a deck of cards, or as large as a houseboat. Our Triax devices aggregate all sensor and location data, and send to your chosen utilization point via our Black Widow encryption. The technology gives you the power to answer the question 'where is it' to items never before trackable with conventional gps or telematics hardware.

While location is a primary mission for us, microTracking incorporates a sensors theater array which can measure, monitor, and alert on, more than 22 different conditions, from temperature to gamma radiation, with new sensors coming online continually. If its larger than a quarter, and there is any value in knowing condition and location in real time, microTracking is delivering this ability today.

Most any size

With our tracking sensors, some as small as the diameter of a quarter, and others only slightly larger having a broadcast range of up to 10 km, anything of value can be tracked, monitored, and alerted upon.

most any mode

Any object, cargo, shipment, or item that is microTracked provides independent location and condition information regardless of cartage mode. microTracking eliminates the failure point of relying on contract carriers for location data.

Micro Tracker

most any distance

Our T6 Solar tracking unit. equipped with multiple radios and satellite communications receivers, can track from any country of origin, across the oceans, and inland in the United States, seamlessly.