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Total Monthly Income$ 0.00
Fixed Expenses$ 0.00
Variable Expenses$ 0.00
Total Monthly Expenses$ 0.00
What's Left$ 0.00
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Your Income - Salary

Enter an annual salary. If you don't have a good idea of what you may earn, look through Starting Salaries and find the salary of a job that interests you.

Annual salary: $

However, you won't get to take home that entire salary. You will have to pay federal income taxes, perhaps state income tax, and Social Security taxes. Then there are other costs deducted from your check, like health insurance, dental insurance, and contributions to a retirement account.

Mint can email you reminders to pay your bills before the due date. And having them in the calendar mode lets you track your cash flow as you go. This is where really shines, in my opinion. On this tab, you’ll find your core budgeting setup. When you first get into Mint, you’ll need to go here to set up your budget categories. If you need an easy-to-use tool for tracking your spending and keeping tabs on your budget, is an excellent choice (among many other finance app alternatives). Instead of visiting. Get the #1 personal finance and budgeting app now. Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker app that brings together all of your finances. From balances and budgets to credit health and debt management, your essentials are now in one place. Join the 24 million users that trust Mint to help reach their goals. ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE APP. Mint budget management software review. Mint also tops it all off with a safe and secure build, one that provides you with the reassurance that your sensitive data is in good hands.

To learn more, visit Decoding Your Paycheck. Right now, however, let's keep it simple and just work with subtracting your federal income tax from your chosen salary.

Monthly salary after taxes: $ 000000

Your Income - Savings

Enter the amount you wish to save: $

Select a savings option:

Now that you know what your monthly take-home income is, you're ready to begin making your own budget by deducting expenses.

Your Fixed Expenses - Housing

Fixed expenses stay the same from month to month, like rent and a car payment. These are the easiest to track in your budget. Select the expenses you want to use to build your budget.

Monthly Rent (includes utilities)
Share a 2 Bedroom aprartment with a roomate
One Bedroom, all on your own
One Bedroom in a choice location

Your Fixed Expenses - Communications

Select the expenses you want to use to build your budget.

Cell Phone
Basic Package
Unlimited Minutes & Long Distance
You text message a lot
Land Line Telephone
Cable TV
Ultimate Package
Broad Band Internet

Your Fixed Expenses - Transportation

Select the expenses you want to use to build your budget.

Public Transportation
Car Payment
Used (old Ford Escort)
New Mazda A3
New RAV4 or Honda Element
Go for Luxury!

Your Fixed Expenses - Insurance

Select the expenses you want to use to build your budget.

Auto Insurance
High Deductable
Low Deductable
Renters Insurance
Mint budget free

Your Fixed Expenses - Savings and Debt

Select the expenses you want to use to build your budget.

Select the percentage of your salary to transfer
to savings. Remember, pay yourself first.
College Loans
Enter a payment. We have indicated a typical
payment, but you can enter a higher payment.

Your Variable Expenses - Food


Variable expenses are those expenses that change from month to month and can be hard to track.

Mostly fresh food - you like to cook
Lots of prepared foods from the deli or frozen
Very little, you eat out a lot
Pack your lunch for work ($2 a day)
Buy Lunch 6x a month ($7 a day)
Buy Lunch every workday
Eat out 10x a month ($15)
Eat out 20x a month ($15)

Your Variable Expenses - Miscellaneous

Variable expenses are those expenses that change from month to month and can be hard to track.

Fill in the number of purchases each month
Movies and snacks$15 x = $ 000.00
Books$15 x = $ 000.00
Clothing$50 x = $ 000.00
Concert tickets$40 x = $ 000.00
Tank of gas, if you own a car$45 x = $ 000.00
Trips to a coffee house $4 x = $ 000.00
Fill in an estimate of cash that you may spend each week and not track.
For example, $20? $30?$ x 4 weeks = $ 000.00

The Result

How much do you have left?

  • Are you spending more than you're making? Go back and adjust the figures until you are spending less than you earn.
  • Are you breaking even? Did you allow enough for savings? If you have, congratulations! You're spending is under control. If you feel deprived in any area, go back and adjust numbers to see if you can shift your spending and still live within your means.
  • Do you have money leftover? Terrific! You might want to invest this money and get it working for you. You could save for a house of your own or treat yourself to a vacation. has even more information about making your paycheck work for you. When it comes to saving, spending, giving and earning consult with TheMintGrad first! Wondering about your spending habits? Try the What Kind of Spender are You? quiz.

How do I edit a budget?

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How do I view a previous month's budget?

You can view your past budgets to see if you hit your targets in previous months. You can't edit a past month's budget. Currently, this Read more...

How do I set up my income on Mint?

Once you’ve added your bank accounts to Mint, you can track your income by categorizing your income transactions. There are seven sub-categories Read more...

How do I budget for expenses that don't recur monthly?

You can set your budgets to occur once, every few months, or monthly You can’t do this in the app. You’ll need to sign in at Select Read more...

How do I delete a budget?

If you no longer need to keep a certain budget, you can delete it. From the app: Open the app and select This month from the bottom menu. Select Read more...

Mint Budget Spreadsheet

Mint Budget

Mint Budget Categories

How do you change whether your budget will be rolled over?

When you create a budget, you can choose to start each new month with the previous month's leftover amount. For example, if you have a $75 fast food Read more...

What is a Budget?

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How do I create a budget?

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Mint Budget Template

Why does a budget show I'm over budget, but when I click the link for that category, it shows this month's transactions are less?

Mint Budget Apps

If you’ve set your budget to roll over each month, last month’s spending will be reflected in the current month’s budget. If you Read more...