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What Is the United States Mint?

The United States Mint makes coins. Its main task is to make sure the people of the nation have enough coins to carry on daily business. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes paper money and, like the United States Mint, is an agency of the Department of the Treasury. In addition to coins for commerce (buying and selling), the United States Mint also makes other coins and medals for collectors.


Where is the Mint? There are six places around the country that make up this federal agency. Each one is called a “facility.”

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What Is a Facility?

A facility is a place or building set up for certain reasons. As a house has a kitchen for cooking and a bedroom for sleeping but the rooms are still part of one house, so the United States Mint has six facilities with different purposes.

From the headquarters in Washington, DC, the Director of the Mint oversees facilities in Philadelphia, PA; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; West Point, NY; and the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, KY (shown on the map above).

If you’re near Philadelphia or Denver, take a tour of the Mint to watch the coin-making process. Get more information on the U.S. Mint website. Or, take a virtual tour!

Denver Mint Facility

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The U.S. Mint at Denver makes circulating and commemorative coins, uncirculated coin sets, coin dies, and stores gold and silver. The Denver Mint also offers public tours.

Fort Knox Bullion Depository

First opened to store gold, the U.S. Bullion Depository makes no coins.


Philadelphia Mint Facility

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The first U.S. Mint (its original building was the first federal building under the Constitution!), this facility makes circulating and commemorative coins, uncirculated coin sets, medals, and coin and medal dies. The Philadelphia Mint also offers public tours.

San Francisco Mint Facility

This facility makes commemorative coins, proof coins, and coin dies.

Washington, DC Headquarters

The headquarters of the Mint is in Washington, DC. Though this facility does not make coins, it is responsible for coin laws, research, marketing, and other important business related to the Mint’s operations.


West Point Mint Facility

This facility makes commemorative coins, and American Eagle proof and uncirculated bullion coins in gold, silver, and platinum.

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Once you’ve explored here, you can also learn about the history of the Mint through the historical timeline.