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Basically, I'm using a program called Subs2Srs to make sentences cards to learn japanese, what this program does is it uses the timing of the subtiles to make an audio file for every spoken sentence.

So far it seems it's around 300 cards per episode.

Movies2anki (ללינוקס, מק וחלונות). SubtitleMemorize (ללינוקס ולחלונות). יש גם כלי בשם substudy, שרץ בשורת הפקודה. ממה שראיתי, כדי לשנות דברים בקונפיגורציה שלו (אפילו גודל התמונות) צריך לשנות את קוד המקור:-/ 14. Browse The Most Popular 20 Flashcards Open Source Projects. Movies2anki用字幕转换电影,用观看电影。 电影将被分割成不同的场景/短语。 我发现这对提高我的听力技能。由 subs2srs 激发。命令行接口 第二个副标题是可选电影模式:将短语的结束时间改为短语时间的下一个,下载movies2anki的源码.

Now, the problem I'm having is on alot of the cards there is a audible 'popping' noise right at the start of the card with varying degrees of loudness, at first I thought it was a problem with the Subs2Srs program but after listening to the raw audio files (that subs2rss created) there is no popping noise.

Anyone got a solution for this? I have been re-recording some of the audio using audacity and replacing it manually but as I said earlier, 300 cards per episode the time it takes to do that adds up.

There is no popping noise when using it on the mobile version of anki.

Attached is what I hear via anki and the raw audio file, the first 2 are what I hear via anki.

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