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You can send any audio or video files that you have imported into NVivo (Release 1) directly to NVivo Transcription and return the transcripts—correctly associated with the media files—back into NVivo.

NOTE You can also transcribe directly from NVivo Version 12 (Windows or Mac) provided you are in Europe, Africa or the Middle East, or your first Transcription purchase was prior to 18 March 2020 (contact customer support with any difficulties). You can only use pay-as-you-go credits. Other NVivo users can transcribe files on the Transcription website then import the transcripts into NVivo manually (see Import transcripts into NVivo manually below).


Most NVivo Transcription doesn’t focus on the non-verbal cues in the various audio or video files. Instead, they aim at producing a final script useful in research projects that prioritize WHAT the speaker (s) say and not really how they say it. However, this software also supports verbatim transcription. You can buy NVivo Transcription credit by the hour, or save by purchasing a bulk package of 10 hours, while having the flexibility to top up your credit along the way. Your transcription credit lasts for 90 days. If you need more than 20 hours of transcription, consider an annual subscription.

If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JS to make this app work. You can create a new transcript in NVivo using the following methods: Play and transcribe the media in 'transcribe' mode. You can play, pause, forward or rewind as you transcribe—when you press stop, NVivo creates a new transcript row and timestamp. Add transcript entries directly in 'normal' mode. NVivo Transcription is easy to use: Simply upload your files and auto-transcribe Use the editor to review and make changes to your transcript, tag speakers and add notes Then directly import your transcript into NVivo to start your analysis.

To use NVivo Transcription from NVivo you must have a myNVivo account with a Transcription subscription or credits myNVivo . You must log into NVivo with this account before using Transcription—the account is automatically used to log into Transcription.

Transcribe from NVivo


Follow directions in the NVivo Help topic for the version of NVivo you are using:

  • NVivo (Release 1): Windows, Mac
  • NVivo Version 12: Windows, Mac

Transcribing From NVivo

Import transcripts into NVivo manually

See Full List On Help-nv.qsrinternational.com

NVivo users with NVivo 11 or earlier, or who have NVivo 12 but do not meet the specified criteria (see note above), can still use NVivo Transcription to transcribe audio and video files for NVivo projects.

Nvivo Transcription Software

To transcribe a media file and import it and the transcript into NVivo:

  1. Upload and transcribe the media file on the Transcription website in the usual way Workflow.
  2. Edit the transcript in the web app to add speakers' names and make corrections.
  3. Export the transcript as a text file (.txt, for NVivo Windows or Mac) or Word document (.docx, for NVivo Windows only).
  4. Open NVivo and import the media file.
  5. Open the media file in NVivo, turn on Edit then import the transcript file, following instructions in the appropriate NVivo Help topic below.

    • NVivo 12: Windows, Mac
    • NVivo 11: Windows, Mac

Nvivo Transcription Faq

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