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Private Internet Access offers some of the most neatly designed apps for a variety of platforms. In its early days, PIA’s desktop apps used to live in the taskbar and offered only a basic GUI.

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The service has evolved greatly over the years and its new apps have a decided touch of a sleek, modern VPN while also being smooth to use. What’s more, it offers 10 simultaneous connections with a single subscription, so you’ll be missing out on this great deal if you don’t download and use the app on your smartphones, desktops, or any other device PIA is comaptible with.

This article will list down the download links for Private Internet Access’s apps for multiple devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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  1. Download PIA on

Download PIA on Windows

PIA has designed an intuitive and user-friendly client for Microsoft Windows. The app is decorated with advanced features to safeguard your digital privacy.

The latest version includes several updates that have improved the overall reliability of the client.

To download the upgraded PIA Windows app, just click here. Just make sure to Sign Up with the VPN to get your login credentials.

Download PIA on Mac

People deserve online privacy regardless of the device they prefer. This sentiment is at the heart of Private Internet Access’ service.

The Mac client of PIA has a sleek design and an eye-catching interface. In many ways, it is similar to the Windows application.

You can begin the download of PIA app, simply by clicking here. After this, you need an account to access the service. To do that, you need to Sign Up with the service.


Download PIA for Linux

Despite being a known operating system, Linux is often overlooked by VPN providers. At most, some providers guide the users in manually configuring the VPN service on the operating system.

Thankfully, PIA has made sure Linux users are provided with a capable client of their own. And if that’s not enough, this client is absolutely free.

To download the app, click here. Once you are finished installing the software, Sign Up with PIA by buying your preferred package plan.

Download PIA on iOS

Just like Mac, iOS is also a prominent member of the Apple family. The operating system has garnered a global following by optimizing the user experience on Smartphones.

Keeping the privacy of Apple users into consideration, the PIA has crafted a nifty app for the iOS. This app provides you everything a VPN should and beyond.

To get started with the PIA iOS app, you need to head over to the App Store.

After the PIA download process completes, you will need to Sign Up by purchasing a plan of your choice.

Download PIA on Android

It is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world and for a good reason. Android has taken the smartphone technology to another level.

To protect Android users from online threats, PIA has come up with a user-friendly app. With this app, you can shield your phone from malicious entities, simply through a single tap.

If you are an Android user and want to experience the internet in a secure way, I suggest you give the Play Store a quick visit.

Keep in mind that although the app is free, the VPN service is not. To experience PIA in its full glory, you should Sign Up as soon as possible.

Get PIA for Chrome

Google Chrome supports wide variety of extensions that can enhance your browsing experience.

Pia Vpn Application Download

Private Internet Access’ extension for Chrome secures your browser from online threats of different nature.

You can add PIA on your Chrome through web store of the browser. However, to make this add-on functional, Sign Up with the service first.

Get PIA for Firefox

Pia Vpn App On Mac

VPN extensions on browsers provide you a quick fix for your online privacy worries. The Firefox add-on of this VPN equips you with a proper protection against cyber threats.

Adding Private Internet Access to your Firefox browsers is a walk in the park. Simply, go to this link and click the green button.

After adding the VPN on your browser, Sign Up by buying one of the pricing plans.

Get PIA for Opera

Although Opera comes with a built-in VPN extension, it is no match for what PIA has to offer.

The Private Internet Access extension for Chrome provides better security and faster speed than the minimalistic Opera VPN.

Pia Vpn Application

To utilize PIA on Opera, head over to this link. It will hardly take seconds before the VPN is added in your browser.

When you’re finished installing the add-on, Sign Up with the VPN.

Finishing Up

Private Internet Access is a premier VPN service. It is an absolute blessing that you can get its apps free of cost.

Download Pia Vpn For Android

But to be brutally honest, these apps are of no use if you do not buy a pricing plan.

Pia Vpn App Not Connecting

In other words, save time and Sign Up with the VPN while the PIA downloads.