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Private Internet Access relates to Security Tools. This PC program was developed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and is compatible with 32 or 64-bit systems. The current installer available for download requires 18.8 MB of hard disk space. Share PIA VPN Connection from Laptop. I would like to be able to connect my PS4 to my PIA account. I have a Laptop with Windows 10 installed and the PIA Client software. How to do share my laptop's VPN connection? I would like the PS4 to be hardwired to the laptop if possible. Thanks in advance. Getting everything all set up takes just a few minutes with Private Internet Access. As soon as you’ve chosen a pricing plan and made your account, you can get started and enjoy all of the VPN’s powerful IP masking and advanced security features on your computer, laptop, phone, or other devices.

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As more and more people around the world start to think seriously about their online privacy and security, Private Internet Access is one of the most popular VPNs they turn to. Boasting industry-leading privacy and security systems, this provider claims to be sitting at the top of the pile for encryption and anonymity, but how does it measure up to our test? Read on through our review of Private Internet Access to find out.
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  • 2 Extra Months
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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#1 - Ease of Use


In terms of ease of use, we have to say that Private Internet Access stands head and shoulders above much of the competition in the VPN industry. While some VPNs slow you down with confusing layouts and long sign-up processes, this one heads in the opposite direction, aiming to make everything as seamless and speedy as possible. Getting everything all set up takes just a few minutes with Private Internet Access. As soon as you’ve chosen a pricing plan and made your account, you can get started and enjoy all of the VPN’s powerful IP masking and advanced security features on your computer, laptop, phone, or other devices.


#2 - VPN Location

When trying to assign a rating or overall score to any VPN provider, we simply have to look at the number of servers they have and how many locations are covered across their server network. Naturally, the more servers and locations offered, the better the VPN usually is. This is because more servers give users more options in terms of what content they can access and what servers they can connect to. Private Internet Access has a great track record in this department, boasting more than 20,000 servers across 29 countries, including all the big names like the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. This isn’t the largest server network we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely big enough to handle most situations.


#3 - Price

One area in which we’re starting to see some big changes in VPNs is the price. As more VPNs come onto the market and vie for customer attention, their prices are having to come down in order to compete with the rest. We can clearly see this with Private Internet Access because of their top quality, affordable pricing plans. You can pay either monthly, yearly or for a two-year package. The two-year option is the cheapest, working out at just $2.69 per month, so if you don’t mind signing up for a longer period of time, it definitely makes sense to go for the longer option and save a lot compared to the month-by-month plan.


#4 - Privacy

A lot of people sign up for a VPN in the first place because they want to enjoy totally private online activity, be free to visit the sites they want, download the files they want, and carry out a range of other activities without any prying eyes logging and tracking what they’re doing. As the name implies, Private Internet Access takes privacy seriously. It has some of the strongest IP masking technology in the industry right now, matched by its impressive encryption tech, firewall, and identity protection features.


#5 - Speed

How does Private Internet Access perform in terms of speed and general performance? Once more, we’re happy to report another big win for this internet provider. When you first switch to a VPN, you may worry about lag or speed drops, but you won’t need to worry about a thing with Private Internet Access. In our tests, this VPN provider performed well above average in terms of speeds, so you shouldn’t notice any major difference when making the switch.


#6 - Customer support

If ever you find yourself with a question or query about your VPN service, or perhaps a problem that needs to be solved, it helps to know that you can contact customer support agents at a moment’s notice. That’s the case with Private Internet Access, which has both a live chat system for instant replies and an email ticket system for slightly slower replies on less urgent issues. It also has a thorough FAQ and guide section that has numerous questions and answers to help you understand how your VPN works.


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Uninstalling and reinstalling the PIA VPN software can resolve a lot of issues that can occur with the VPN. For users running our most stable versions (v1.0 and above) of our application, our application now includes a built-in uninstaller that will allow you to uninstall our application from within the application itself as well as allow you to install our application over the current version installed on your system.

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Download Pia Vpn Apk For Laptop

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If you are experiencing issues with uninstalling our application using the In-App Uninstaller as there can be instances where it is not possible we recommend that you manually uninstall our application. For instructions on how to manually uninstall our application please review the following guides:

Download Pia Vpn For Laptop



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