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Polar Vs Anki

What makes Polar special is that we’ve built an integrated workflow so that you can read, annotate (make highlights, add comments, pagemarks etc), and convert anything to flashcards. You can then use spaced repetition to review your material directly in Polar or sync it to Anki. Im using the latest Polar, Anki, and AnkiConnect. It creates the deck, but does not sync the cards there. Also, what is the expected behavior of flashcards for archived documents? Between syncing those and not syncing those I can see uses in both cases. Right now Id like them to not be synced, but thats just my personal use-case. Background This allows you to sync flashcards created from annotations directly to Anki. Polar supports a robust annotation system internally with features like text and area highlights, and allowing comments and flashcards to be attached directly to the highlights.

I tried Polar out about a year ago and it was too buggy to keep using, but I liked the idea. Today, giving it another shot, I see some serious work has gone into it and it's really expanded into something interesting. Kudos to you and your co-founder!Anki

Polar Anki Addon

The only thing stopping me from going all-in on paying for Polar and using it as the 'hub' of my reading (mostly technical docs, long-form blogs, whitepapers, and textbooks) is the lack of tie-in with E Ink readers, which I vastly prefer for reading and note-taking over computer screens.

I use a ReMarkable 2 tablet for reading technical docs (nd a Kindle Oasis for casual nonfiction. It would completely 'connect the ecosystem' if there were ways to sync with my readers or at least push documents to them and pull annotations back. Boox, ReMarkable, and other popular E Ink tablets have APIs, OTG USB disk access, and other ways to interchange the docs (with authorization). I'm seeing loads of hacks for them on Github, so maybe even opening a plugin system would be enough; the community would contribute to fill in the gaps.

Polar Ankita

IMO, this is the killer final piece of the puzzle and would keep my reading and note-taking in one wonderfully organized place, which is something I'm 100% interested in paying for and supporting.