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Aug, 2020

Radiology medical transcription is highly in demand because radiology is a common element in diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of medical illness; hence we understand that medical transcriptionists have to be available to cater to a large number of clients seeking radiology medical transcription. Radiology transcription reports are an important element of medical diagnosis, and at Transcription Outsourcing, LLC we understand that accurate and timely reports are of the utmost importance. Our reliable transcription services can provide any clinic, hospital, or individual provider with radiologists’ reports from imaging, scans or tests. PRN Transcription is in the Boston area and is seeking a very experienced, very exceptional radiology transcriptionist who can commit to the position and provide high-quality transcription. Must be RELIABLE and conscientious, and provide references from a previous transcription employer. Is proficient in the use of Power scribe, Syngo, Primordial, iSite, and other Radiology or informationIn addition to transcribing, the Transcriptionist performs a variety of clerical and support functions that facilitate day-to-day operations and communications throughout the.

ROI Transcription is a nationwide company providing medical transcription services to healthcare systems, hospitals, teleradiology groups and clinics. We handle every aspect of the outsourcing process from selecting a highly skilled transcription team specific to your needs, to providing all of the technical support to securely connect to your.

Radiology Transcription: Clear Your Doubts & Update Your Knowledge

The medical world is slowly realizing the value of radiology transcription. This blog highlights the doubts concerning the profession. Read along to get them cleared.

Radiology is a branch of science that deals with imaging technology. In the world of radiology transcription, professional medical transcriptionists interpret images to execute error-free reports.

Healthcare professionals have the most difficult job of saving lives. Almost every day thousands of patients are admitted while others are released. In such a demanding profession, there is no alternative to skilled and knowledgeable experts. But still, the information around radiology transcription is somewhat unclear. We have penned down some important questions along with their answers for you to have a better understanding of this sector.

  • What is the Specialty of A Radiology Transcriptionist?

When a patient is diagnosed with any kind of disease, a doctor prescribes essential tests like MRI, CT scans, X-rays, or ultrasounds. The work of a radiology transcriptionist is to accurately evaluate these medical images. They have a vast knowledge and expertise in:-

  1. Plain film X-Rays
  2. Bone scans
  3. Mammograms
  4. Computer Tomography
  5. Nuclear medicine
  6. Ultrasounds
  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • What Skills and Degrees are Required to Become A Radiology Transcriptionist?

It is imperative for a radiology transcriptionist to have strong time-management skills along with thorough knowledge of medical terminology, physiology, medical ethics, and word processing. In addition, he should have an impeccable sense of grammar and a good command over English. To pursue a career in this field you must have postsecondary training in medical transcription with specialization in radiology discipline. The right credentials and certificates can help you in getting placement in the best organizations.

Radiology Transcription Software

  1. Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT):- this credential is essential for professionals who are already working in this field for less than two years in one particular domain or specialty which is radiology.
  2. Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT):- This credential is a necessity for professionals working in the multidisciplinary environment. As per industry demands, some organizations do hire candidates with a CMT degree. This is because they have knowledge not only about radiology but also have a sound understanding of other medical specialties.
  • Why Is Medical Transcription Outsourcing In Such High Demand?

  1. Increased work productivity
  2. Accurately transcribed reports on time
  3. Reduced elaborate documentation procedures
  4. Doctors get customized solutions in short TAT.
  5. Strict privacy and security measures are followed as per guidelines.
  6. Shorter billing cycles
  7. Cost-effective, and highly convenient
  • How Important is Radiology Transcription in the Present Scenario?

Imaging or radiology transcription is directly proportional to the survival rate and diagnosis rate. With each and every report, the responsibility of a transcriptionist increases as it helps in enhancing the survival rate of patients. Moreover, EMR technology has been icing on the cake since it has changed the dynamics of most healthcare organizations with digitally managed reports. Radiology transcription also increases the turnaround time, speed of image documentation, and streamline workflow. Thus, radiology transcription is excessively important during recent times.

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Significance of Radiology Report Transcription

Radiology Medical Transcription Jobs

Radio-graphic imaging technology has been extensively used in the diagnosis of various diseases and conditions. Apart from the conventional X-Ray imaging, modern medicine involves use of several other technology-based imaging processes. The role played by Radiology Reports Transcription is crucial as it enables direct communication between the referring physician and the radiologist.

Having the vital responsibility to convey accurate and comprehensive description of the internal anatomy of patients and with the onus of suggesting perfect diagnosis of diseases, Radiology Report Transcriptions are considered very critical. Rapid Care specializes in providing clear, to the point, timely, and unambiguous transcripts that achieve depicting the required medical details meaningfully.

Benefits of Availing Radiology Transcription Services from Rapid Care

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  • No geographical boundaries- we serve to client spread across the globe
  • No mandatory long term contracts – we entertain short term as well as long term contracts
  • Web-based service offering anytime access and data security
  • HIPAA compliant processes
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Round the clock service and assistance

Rapid Care Transcription Pvt Ltd has been providing Radiology Transcription solutions in an unmatched manner to clients since more than a decade.

Radiology Transcription Jobs

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