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Vyncs is a real-time car GPS tracking system. That means the device sends data to your account as the vehicle is driven. How fast it sends data updates depends on which product you have. Great thing about Vyncs is every device collects and analyzes data every second regardless of which Vyncs. DASH T7 3G Real Time, hard-wired GPS Vehicle Tracker. If you are into a job that involves a good deal of vehicle maintenance, Trackmate GPS T7 will certainly be a reliable companion. It is feature-rich and supports a one-year history track record.

Have you heard of real-time GPS trackers? If you have, that is great and if not, this piece will be very informative for you. These are tools that have become so popular since they help you to easily track cars, pets, individuals and some other variable items. GPS trackers have also been so essential for guardians who want to guarantee the safety of their teenagers when they are driving. The best options will give you accurate tracking and have long-lasting batteries not forgetting about their compact size.

There are so many real-time GPS trackers available in the market, therefore, making it hard to identify your right pick. In this post, however, we have narrowed down to the top 10 best trackers you will want to buy reviews. What’s more, we have prepared a brief guide on the important factors you will want to take into account when shopping. By the end of this piece, therefore, you will be wiser when selecting.


The Best Real-Time GPS Trackers Reviews

Table of Contents

#10. Tracki 2019 Model Real-time GPS Tracker - USA and Worldwide Coverage

With this product, you will be able to enjoy worldwide coverage. It will be good for cars, motorcycles, trucks, individuals and also your assets. The tool will be able to provide real-time information via mobile apps or through a web browser. You will, therefore, be able to track the movement of your vehicle. This product has a very compact size but remains very powerful and simple to operate. Due to its tiny nature, it will be possible to install it in your vehicle without anyone noticing it. It has the ability to send notifications and alerts directly to your phone for convenience. What’s more, it comes at a very affordable price.


  • It has full worldwide coverage with real-time tracking and it is easily compatible with Android and iPhone
  • This is the smallest and lightest tracker you will get since it weighs only 1.4 ounce
  • It has a very good battery life since it can last up to three days using the 1-5 minutes updates
  • Live customer service regardless of the country you are in and has 5 years of tracking history

#9. ABLEGRID Real-time GPS Tracking Device with a Global SIM Card

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This is among the reputable brands known for making real-time GPS trackers. It makes use of the latest technology to notify you where your vehicle is at any given time. Another great feature about the tracker is that it is very easy to install and that can be done by anyone. The 2500mAh battery for this product lasts for up to 5 years keeping its best performance. Since it comes with a global sim card, it means that it can be used anywhere in the world. You will be able to receive real-time notifications on your Android or iOS phone conveniently.


  • This GPS tracker is very easy to install and has a 2500mAh battery with a life of 5 years
  • It comes with a global sim card that works with mufti-carriers networks for convenience
  • Free app and website and a live chat technical support team and comes with a warranty of one year
  • This is the latest generation of real-time GPS trackers using the latest technology

#8. ShieldGPS GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Anti-Theft & Surveillance

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Use your Android or iOS device to know where your vehicle or assets are with this GPS tracker. It has amazing features that update the information every 10 seconds. You will also appreciate the creation of geofences as well as alerts to notify you when the vehicle leaves or enters an area. Another convenient feature of this tool is that it has universal compatibility. That will, therefore, mean that it will be ideal for usage across all vehicles. What’s more, this product comes in a tiny and hidden design such that it can even go unnoticed.


  • Universal compatibility where you will only be needed to plug it into the OBD port of the car and start tracking
  • This is the smallest GPS tracker available today since it is very hard to see it once it has been installed
  • The location will easily update every ten seconds and creates geofences with alerts to know when the device leaves a region
  • This real-time GPS tracker can use Android and iOS web applications for convenience

#7. Flashmen GPS Tracker for Vehicles with Global SIM Card

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This is the real definition of true professionalism as far as tracking is concerned. If you are looking to track your assets or people in a long-distance, this will be the ideal tool to use. The good thing is that it reports anytime via your smartphone be it Android or iOS. With its 2500mAh battery that has a low power consumption, it will retain charge for a very long time. It also prides itself on the global sim card which means that it can be used all over the world. The price is also very fair across all budgets.


  • This is a real professional class GPS tracker that adopts the latest technology perfect for tracking distant vehicles
  • It is powered by a 2500mAh battery which has very low power consumption offering up to 1 year of standby time
  • Industrial-grade superior and powerful in-built magnet that offers up to 25 lbs. force
  • This real-time GPS tracker comes with an international sim card that works with the mufti-carriers network

#6. Lumitrac Real-Time GPS Tracker - North America Only

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This will be the perfect solution for tracking vehicles, people, and even assets. The good thing about this tracker is that you will get real-time information on mobile apps or web browsers. Its sustainable battery life will go up to 14 days on a complete charge. This product will be able to report the locations after every 30 seconds while your vehicle is in motion. It uses the latest LTE-M technology to give wider coverage and a stable connection. One thing that you should however note is that this product is restricted to North America only.


  • It will track cars, people, and assets on the web browser or the mobile applications
  • The GPS tracker has a sustainable battery life since it lasts up to 14 days on a single charge
  • This tool will report locations after every 30 seconds while in motion
  • It is a newly designed GPS tracker that is portable and uses the latest technology for a wide coverage

#5. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker for seniors, Kids, and Cars

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Ensure that people arrive where they were going with this real-time GPS tracker. It allows you to get alerts if people go too far. For this reason, therefore, it will be possible to monitor drivers, safety, and even speed. This way, you will be able to keep employees and spouses as honest as possible. The tiny and lightweight design for this tracker allows you to place it anywhere. This is because it is small enough to go unnoticed for peace of mind. Again, since this device updates the information after every 10 seconds on your smartphone or the desktop interface, you will get information in real-time.


  • It uses 4G LTE technology meaning that you will get the location and movement direction as it happens
  • This device will be ideal to use anywhere provided that it is in North America with cellular service
  • It is a tiny and lightweight GPS tracker that will fit and conceal in strollers and vehicles
  • With this tool, there will be no need of getting worried or wondering anymore about losing your essentials


  • Some people complained that it was not that accurate

#4. Brickhouse Security Micro GPS Tracker for Monitoring Teen Drivers, Elderly and Assets

This tracker offers full 4G LTE coverage all over North America. It will, therefore, be possible to track assets throughout the U.S, Mexico, and even Canada. The good thing about this tracker is that it automatically sends reports every 60 seconds. You will also like easily adjustable tracking intervals. Access reporting from anywhere through your web browser or the phone to get real-time historical reports. You will also achieve ultimate versatility with the easily mountable GPS tracker. Since it comes in a compact and lightweight design, it will be unnoticeable in the vehicle for peace of mind.


  • Offers complete 4G LTE coverage all over North America so that you can easily track your assets
  • With this tool, you will be able to get real-time information of your assets which makes it reliable
  • It comes in a compact and lightweight design and is very easy to mount for peace of mind
  • This tool will automatically report the happenings every 60 seconds for convenience


  • There were complaints that the support was unreliable

#3. ABLEGRID GPS Tracker with a 10000mAh Battery for Cars - Global SIM Card

This is an advanced GPS tracker that uses the latest location technology. The advanced chip for this tracker will be ideal for tracking vehicles, assets, and even individuals. Since this tracker has been made in a very user-friendly design, it will be very easy to use it. The ABLEGRID tracker will require very minimal setup and this can be done by anyone. Additionally, a free global sim card will come with this tracker. This, therefore, means that it will be usable all over the globe. The manufacturer has placed a warranty of one year on this product in case of any defects.

Real Time Car TrackerTimeTimeTracker


  • The Ablegrid GPS tracker adopts the recent 4G LTE location technology making it ideal for tracking vehicles
  • It offers a maximum of 45 days of working time with its 10000mAh battery inside for convenience
  • The product is very easy to assemble and use at the same time with its user-friendly application
  • 24/7 exclusive technical support and has been backed with a warranty of one year

#2. LandAirSea Real-Time 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Comes with 1 Year Data Plan

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Real-time Vehicle Tracker Devices

This is another affordable GPS tracker that you can install on your vehicles. Other than being real-time, you will appreciate the fact that it gives very accurate results. What’s more, there will be no monthly charges involved with this tracker. As opposed to its competitors, this tracker has geofences alerts that will notify you about the departures and arrivals of the car. The plug and play design for this tracker, on the other hand, makes sure that the process of installation will be easy.


  • It has a plug and plays design with no batteries or even a charger required for convenience
  • Geofences alerts will notify you about the departures and arrivals as well as the speed of the vehicle
  • One year of tracking has been included so there will be no monthly fees needed
  • This is a reliable 4G GPS tracker for fleets and vehicles that is very accurate

#1. GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracker with One Year Service, No Monthly Fees - Nationwide Coverage

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This is the latest LTE model of the GPS trackers that do not have any contract. Instead, it comes with a one-year service, and there will, therefore, be no monthly service charges or hidden fees involved. Another great aspect of this tracker is that it involves a very simple installation. This GPS tracker also prides itself on complete ELD compliance so you should buy with confidence. If you are looking for the most affordable tracking solution for your fleet, this one has to be it. Its compatibility with Android, iOS, and even Windows phones is another advantage.


  • This is the most affordable fleet tracking solution you will get on the market today
  • Complete ELD compliance with one year warranty for the hardware
  • This GPS tracker will be very easy to install on your vehicle
  • Includes hardware, software, and data for Android, Windows phone iOS among others

Vehicle Tracking Gps Real Time

Buying Guide


The best real-time GPS trackers will the ones that will be easy to install. What this does is saving you the time and cost that would otherwise be used for hiring professionals. You will get some units that can be simply placed under your vehicle’s dash. However, this is mainly going to depend on the model of your vehicle.

Tracking performance

Every GPS tracker comes with distinct features with an aim to offer superior and very accurate tracking performance. Some of these features will include alerts and notifications, real-time tracking, device integration, and even the route history. There are those models that will come with more features compared to the others for reliability.

Ease of use

Vehicle Tracking Devices Real Time

You need to pick those options that have been integrated with some programs which are easy to use. Even though every brand features unique basic programs. In short, you should select the options that aren’t complicated and will be easy to understand. When selecting, settle for options that come with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate.


Real Time Car Tracker

Most people ask themselves why they would need a GPS tracker but the simple answer to that is tracking things. You can be having an elderly family member with poor memory or a kid who cannot make informed decisions. In this case, it would be helpful to use GPS trackers. A real-time GPS tracker is one that basically sends you the information in real-time. Above is our research about the best trackers to buy. We hope that after reading through the list, it will be easy to know what matches your needs. The above guide also will direct you to the best picks easily. All the best!