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Alternatively, please contact your Royal Mail Account team who will be able to give you the contact at your local distribution centre, with whom you can set up the collection directly. Enhanced Latest Posting Times (ELPT). Parcel Collect is also available via the Royal Mail App. Looking for a collection for more than 5 items? Business collections. Free collection of up to 5 items a day per collection point, when purchased via or the Royal Mail App between 00:01 on until 23:59 on 30.05.21. End date is subject to change.

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Now, there is no need to visit various tracking sites to get all your Royal Mail transit updates, as Parcel Monitor gives you customary updates on a single page of a site. You simply need to enter the courier tracking number and - if you wish - we will send all Royal Mail courier updates to your mailbox.

One of the oldest postal services in the world, Royal Mail was established in 1516. The service covers the entire United Kingdom provides collection and delivery of mail and packages. The company itself is noted for its red pillar boxes which include the initials of the current monarch of England. Until 2011, the company was a part of the government, but after 499 years it divested itself of the company through sales of its shares.

How Do I Track my Royal Mail Package?

To track your package that is being delivered by Royal Mail, you simply enter the tracking number on the tracking page within the Royal Mail website. The track and trace service will provide you with a history of the delivery which includes the last known location of the package itself.

When Royal Mail takes the package, a tracking number is assigned which enters the delivery system. As the package makes its way on trucks and through processing centers, it is scanned to reveal its current location. Once the package has made its final delivery, it is scanned out of the system to show that it has reached its final destination.

What Does a Royal Mail Tracking Number Look Like?

A typical tracking number for all Royal Mail packages include the same combination of letters and number across a 13-digit code. There are a set of prefix characters which usually precedes the rest of the letters and numbers such as the following.

  • EA, EB, EC, ED, EE, and CP

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If you were to look at a typical Royal Mail tracking number, it would look something like the following.

  • EE123456789DD
  • CP123456789FF

Keep in mind that you can attach the tracking number to the end of the URL for Royal Number tracking to find the exact page that contains the information about the delivery.

Royal Mail Delivery Times

Royal Mail prides itself on delivering standard letters by the next business day if possible. For packages, the typical delivery time is three to five business days for standard service. Royal Mail offers a next day delivery service as well, which means that it is possible to receive two deliveries from Royal Mail on the same day. The types of services provided by Royal Mail include the following.

Universal: This rather unusual service is required under UK law. Items that are of a pre-designated size can be sent anywhere in the UK for a fixed price. Distance plays no role in the setting of the price. However, this service may be discontinued in 2021 when the contract with the UK government runs out.

Special Delivery: This is a same day or next day service depending on when the package is entered into the Royal Mail system. This means that packages sent in the morning will arrive by 1pm. Packages sent after the predesignated time arrive by 9am the next business day.

Royal Mail operates six days a week with Sundays off plus bank holidays. Processing orders that are placed before 8pm start on the same day.

Royal Mail is set to begin trialling a Sunday service for major retailers in the coming weeks.

Royal Mail Delivery Times In My Area

The move is expected to be rushed through as the company looks to keep pace with their online delivery competitors which provide seven-days-a-week delivery services.

Royal Mail has seen a huge spike in the number of parcels being processed in the last 12 months, with 496 million delivered in the last quarter ending in 2020.

As part of the growing expansion in 2021, Royal Mail is also building a second, and its largest, company parcel hub in Daventry in Northamptonshire to cope with the demands of processing over 1 million parcels per day.

Royal Mail is determined to be left behind in the parcel delivery race with online shopping set to continue at pace in the UK despite retail stores reopening in the summer.

Chief commercial officer Nick Landon said: “The UK already trusts us to deliver their purchases six days a week both quickly and conveniently. Now, for the first time, our posties will be doing the same thing seven days a week.

“The last year has reset so many customer expectations and the desire for even more convenient and more frequent parcel deliveries has certainly been one of them.

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“We always listen to our customers, both senders and recipients, and the ask here was clear: we love what you do Monday to Saturday, so please do the same on a Sunday.

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“So that’s what we’re doing, as quickly as possible, so we can offer it to more and more customers across the course of this year.”

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Royal Mail has also launched a string of specially decorated post boxes across the nations of the United Kingdom – with one each in Liverpool, Lisburn, Pontypridd and Inverness to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend.

The boxes incorporate images of postal workers' mothers, plus accounts of their relationships and how lockdown restrictions have impacted them.