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Verdict: Easy to set up, easy to use, did exactly what was asked of it. Plus you get a fully functioning rear light all in an 80g package. 9/10 Buy now from Back2You for £125 2. Spybike Top Cap Tracker What they say: Covert and secure devices to provide you with peace of mind that your bicycle can be traced if stolen.

  • High performance bicycle technology and technique. Audax; Commuter; Gravel; Sportive; Time Trial; Triathlon; Cyclocross; Mountain Bike.
  • Spybike Top Cap Tracker What they say: Covert and secure devices to provide you with peace of mind that your bicycle can be traced if stolen. What we say: This American company provides three different devices to protect your bike.
  • Intelligent, light and invisible GPS tracker for bike. A Security system with GPS and GSM technology can alert the owner if anybody touches the bicycle. Locating and tracking a bike is available Worldwide. GPS for bikes will protect your bike during your absence.
June 21, 2015
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June 18, 2015
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Spybike Top Cap Tracker
SpyBike: A solution to Bike Theft?
A new device lets you secretly GPS track your stolen bike

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Bikers in Toronto are all too familiar with the problem of bike theft. Even if you lash out the dollars on a fancy top-of-the-range lock, thieves seem to find some way of cutting, prying, hammering and hacking through your line of defense.


A new device, SpyBike, doesn’t aim to prevent the problem of bike theft but it does provide cyclists with the opportunity to retrieve his or her two-wheeler once stolen.

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SpyBike is a GPS tracker that hides in the steer tube. It uploads coordinates both to your phone and a website in case of theft. Operation is simple — buy a pay as you go SIM card and link it to Spybike. Install the Spybike device in the steer tube. Then, before leaving the bike unattended, arm Spybike by swiping a key over the top cap. A blue light blinks for a second to let you know it’s activated. While activated, a motion sensor detects any abrupt movements and sends SMS alerts with exact coordinates to your cellphone.

Every 20 seconds the bike is moving, a new coordinate is recorded. When the bicycle stops moving, Spybike goes to sleep to conserve the lithium rechargeable battery. Also — if you forget to arm the device and your bike is stolen, it can be remotely armed with a cellphone.

Measuring 23.5mm diameter, 110 mm in length and weighing 67g, it’s claimed to fit most tubes if they’re 250mm or more in length. Pricing is $150 with SIM card sold separately.

Check out the the following video, which shows you how SpyBike works in a theft scenario.


Spybike Top Cap Tracker

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