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Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2017 (CC12) Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2018 (CC13) Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2019 (CC14) Windows: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2017 (CC12). Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2017 (CC12) Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2018 (CC13) Mac: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2019 (CC14) Windows: STEP 'n' Design for CC-2017 (CC12). Stibo Systems PIM is built on its MDM product information management package and customized with intuitive, preconfigured data models, business rules, workflows, processes, dashboards, and modules. It allows users to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences that drive growth and loyalty.

Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems provides a robust solution for Product Information Management (PIM) in their STEP product. This enterprise solution centralizes product information and feeds consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information to multiple distribution channels including enterprise content management systems for display on websites.

Starkmedia’s developers have experience integrating Stibo STEP with complex enterprise platform configurations including Magento Commerce Platform and Drupal CMS delivering product data to consumer-facing websites.

Key Stibo Systems Components and Features include:

  • Integrations with enterprise platforms

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The current customer-centric digital business environment has made accurate, timely product data as central to success as the product itself. Stibo Systems’ Product Master Data Management (Product MDM) centralizes product data and content for sharing across channels, providing the necessary data governance to maintain compliance and integrity and drive operational efficiency. Stibo empowers brands to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth, and create an essential foundation for digital transformation.

Having full control over your product information is crucial for creating engaging digital experiences for customers across all channels. You need digital assets like images to create visual experiences and truly let your products shine. Assets are often scattered, so managing them in one place, together with the rest of your product information, ensures you have your digital assets accessible for any channel at any given time.

Streamline your product enrichment process by uploading your assets to Bynder and have them, along with chosen metadata, matched to the right products in Stibo. Product metadata from Stibo can then be sent back to Bynder, allowing you to search and find assets based on the existing information within your storefront.

Ensure faster time to market and better customer experiences for all!

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Master Data Management Product

  • Drive digital experiences with the right rich media assets
  • Accelerate time to market by seamlessly connecting digital assets and product data
  • Maintain full control of products with a single version of product data
  • Meet the growing demand for content by streamlining creation, management, and distribution
  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels with approved and ready-to-use assets
  • Always have assets in the right size, format, and version
  • Make changes in a single place to be applied across all channels


Stibo Pim


Stibo Step Pim

  • Sync uploaded assets and metadata fields in Bynder with products in Stibo
  • Enrich Bynder assets with product information from Stibo
  • Verify product in Stibo after each asset is uploaded to Bynder
  • Use synced Stibo metadata to search for product images in Bynder
  • Self-service configuration and error handling
  • Reporting and activity tracking—including sync log in Bynder on the asset
  • Automatically sync assets to Stibo when updating to new versions in Bynder or when changes are made to synced metadata fields
  • Automatically sync product data to Bynder when updating synced metadata fields from Stibo